Stick to along with my indoor closet develop. I am performing deep water culture (DWC) hydroponics with two cannabis plants. Keep tuned til the finish to see the final yield!

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Blackout Curtains:
Staple gun:
Carbon Filter:

Light Panel QB 324 V2 with Slate –
Driver HLG-120H-54B –
NodeMCU Microcontroller –
DHT22 Temp and Humidity Sensor –
ThermoPror –
Inline Duct Fan –
Carbon Filter –
Hanging Retchets –
Mylar –
Nutrients –
Nutrients –

DIY Hydro DWC Res Chiller Components:
Peltier (TEC1-12709) –
Aluminum Water Block (40mm x 40mm) –
Versatile tubing –
12V Energy Provide –
Pump –
CPU Cooling Fan –