Bianca Belair attacks Zelina Vega during Twitch Stream

Earlier this week, Bianca Belair was pretty adamant that Zelina Vega had something to do with Montez Ford’s poisoning during Monday Night RAW. During a Twitch stream on Sunday, Belair confronted Vega again, this time at her home.

In a clip recorded on Twitch and shared on Twitter, Vega – who was speaking with WWE’s Kayla Braxton – can be seen telling someone to answer the door before Belair was heard speaking to her. When Vega asks her what she’s doing in her house, Belair abruptly jumps on her, knocking the pair down. While we don’t see the fight, we do see Braxton’s shocked face as it all unfolds, with more information likely to come next week during Monday Night RAW.

You can watch a video of the brawl below:

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