Deano Is Receiving All the Love for Coyly Tuning His Acoustic Guitar to Make Light-Hearted Pop …


The up-and-coming pop singer Deano presents various songs from his collection on Spotify that throw spotlight on his uncontrolled life and chill vibes.

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Somerset, Aug 8, 2020 ( – With refreshing voice and jaunty pop melodies, the new singer Deano is back with all new songs to build up his fledgling career into an empire. The new songs are experimental that form a firm match with funk-pop music. He is a multi-instrumentalist based in Somerset is eager to see what his life has stored for him and the thrills of climbing ladders of success and, reaching the moon is clear in his original compositions. His music is a sincere blend of pop and freestyle that the world still hasn’t seen.

‘Blood‘ is woven with the same satin-soft threading of the music that explains his fast-beating heart and the acoustic style of singing sets the mood for the night jam with friends. He fell in love with his guitar at a young age and started composing music when he was in school. He has written many love songs for himself that he weaved with the real feeling from some special moments. He is a talented songwriter and his late grandfather is one of the few people who pushed him to thrive with his passion.

Deano is a versatile singer who can also rhyme breathlessly, the new song ‘Wild Side‘ is one of the few songs where he plays with all the colors of his musical panache. Soft and vibrating rap verses, he wins over the hearts of pop music lovers. He wields it in a different taste of music that includes soft melodies and personal commentaries. Two secrets that separate it from all the other peppy songs. Get instant notification about his music releases on Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, and Facebook.

Please visit here to listen to the songs of Deano:

Wild Side

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