Hackers hit Reddit; deface 70+ Subreddits with Pro-Trump messages

Hackers hit Reddit; deface 70+ Subreddits with Pro-Trump messages

Before Reddit, in June 2020, more than 1,150 Roblox accounts were also hacked and defaced with pro-Donald Trump content.

Free real estate – hard to find but that’s exactly what some hackers have been thinking lately of Reddit. Instead of going the legal route for advertising, yesterday, dozens of subreddits were defaced and Pro-Trump messages were posted as the elections draw nearer.

These channels include several prominent ones such as that of the NFL, the Avengers, BlackMirror, and Japan with the full list given in the appendix at the bottom.


According to various subreddits and also the Reddit itself, the hack occurred due to moderator accounts being compromised by the hackers allowing them to control the channels as they please.

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This may have been because of lax security measures employed by these moderators as several have come forward and admitted to not using two-factor authentication which in many cases provides a strong defense against such attacks.

A post after the attack in the NFL subreddit.


One moderator also vented out in a post and posted images of the activity log of their account once the attacker took over:


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