Paul George and Damian Lillard Instagram spat: PG called out for switching teams and running …

Paul George and Damian Lillard Instagram spat: PG called out for switching teams and running ...

The Paul George and Damian Lillard Instagram spat has been the highlight of today’s NBA action, with Lillard calling PG out.

Portland Trail Blazers are involved in a dog-fight to bag the eighth seed in the west with Grizzlies, Spurs, Suns and the Pelicans.

However, Blazers franchise star Damian Lillard missed two crucial free-throws late in the fourth quarter which led to ‘wild mockings’ from the Clippers bench. Lillard and co. ended up losing 117-122 to the Clippers with Paul George leading them with 21 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists.

Pat Bev was seen waving the star goodbye in jubilation as the Clippers could not hold back their celebrations with three seconds to go in the game. The ‘goodbye wave’ was a jibe at Lillard, who had done the same to Paul George and OKC, when he knocked them out of the playoffs last season.

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However, Lillard did not hold back in his post-match interviews as he reminded Paul George and Pat Bev about sending them packing from the playoffs in the past.

The feud then spilled over to Instagram where the Clippers star took a shot at the playoff chances of the Blazers. But, Lillard had the final laugh as he mocked George for jumping from one team to another.

Pat Beverley and Paul George mock Damian Lillard

For those who need some perspective behind the spat, Lillard knocked out the Rockets in the playoffs in 2014 when Beverley was a part of the squad.

Moreover, Lillard and his Blazers made sure PG had to jump ship, after OKC Thunder were knocked out of the playoffs, thanks to a Lillard buzzer dagger.

When mocked by PG and Pat Bev, Lillard was quick to give them a lesson in NBA history.

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Feud spills over to Instagram

The trio kept going at it on Instagram after Lillard did not hold himself back in his post game interview. Beverley posted “Cancun on 3” indicating the bleak chances of Lillard and co. making it to the playoffs whereas George commented “And you getting sent home this year.”

The NBA 2k21 cover star had the last laugh though as he mocked Paul George for hopping from one team to another during the course of his NBA career.

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What’s next for the Blazers?

The Blazers might be overtaken by the Suns who have won the last 5 games in the bubble. The Grizzlies sit 1.5 games ahead of the Blazers who sit 0.5 games ahead of the San Antonio Spurs. The Spurs are closely followed by Pelicans and Suns who sit a further 0.5 games back.

Blazers still hold all the cards when it comes to making it to the play-in tournament, however, what they need to now ensure is that they get the 8th seed and not the 9th. This would ensure they would have to win only 1 of the 2 games in the play-in tournament.

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