S3XY Drag Race: All Four Tesla Models Hit The Strip

By now, everyone who knows anything about cars knows that Elon Musk’s Tesla vehicles are some of the best sprinters in the world, able to hold their own against legit supercars thanks to all-wheel-drive traction and instantaneously available torque made possible by dual electric motor setups. Meanwhile, a Tesla SUV recently entered a time attack event and performed quite admirably, suggesting that maybe the cars’ low center of gravity and acceleration potential can also lead to serious fun in the twisties, as well. But for enthusiasts hoping to get the fastest Tesla available, which model is the best choice? Well, YouTube channel Throttle House recently set out to discover just that, pitting the entire S-3-X-Y lineup against each other in an epic sibling rivalry drag race.


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The crucial component here is that all four Teslas are the highest-spec Performance variants of their model in the EV company’s lineup. While it’s fairly surreal to experience a drag race that’s got more whine that roar, the real question is which car will take home the prize as best sprinter. Will the Model S, Tesla’s original mass-produced vehicle, reign supreme? Or can the newest addition to the lineup, the Model Y, prove that younger is better?

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Traction And Weight Distribution

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S3XY Drag Race 2

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In reality, this kind of competition is only even if all four vehicles are shod in the same tires to make sure that one isn’t burning rubber needlessly while the rest have perfect traction enabling excellent launches. Regardless, another huge component of any off-the-line race is curb weight.

In terms of weight, Tesla’s cheapest vehicle, the Model 3 Performance, has the biggest advantage, tipping the scales at 4,100 pounds. Next up is the Model Y at 4,416 pounds, then the Model S at 4,941 pounds, and finally the largest Model X weighs a hefty 5,531 pounds. Watch the clip to see which Tesla takes home the prize.

Source: Youtube

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