the works that will help you in your talent management

the works that will help you in your talent management

This week we recommend at least 5 very good works that will solve all your doubts in talent management, not only to improve your work performance, but also your growth as a person.

The knowledge of an MBA at the price of a book

Inside Your Own MBA: What You Learn in an MBA for the Price of a Book, Its Author Josh kaufman He offers us a title in which he launches himself against traditional education that, he says, is often out of step with the economic and commercial reality of the world.

This author assures that he has extensive experience creating his own company and all the knowledge he acquired when opening and operating it, is what he offers in this work in which he warns, details everything that gives you an MBA, but at the price of a book.

Kaufman also assures in his work that there are basic principles of business management and based on these, business improvements can be made.

Many followers in a few days

In One Million Followers: How I Built a Massive Social Following in 30 Days, its author Brendan kane He offers you what he calls the best strategy to build a massive fan base in 30 days.

Kane is committed to a very serious fan-building plan and does so thanks to the experience he has gained working for Taylor Swift, Rihanna, as well as advising brands such as MTV, Skechets, Vice and IKEA.

To achieve a massive base of followers, the author proposes in the 11 chapters of his work how to generate strategic alliances, choose the message that works in a massive way and how to create content that motivates to be shared.

What strategy to apply on Instagram?

Within Marketing Strategies on Instagram, Juanjo Ramos presents us 8 chapters in which he takes us through a roadmap to detail everything about marketing applied to Instagram.

The author starts from very basic principles such as creating a company account within this social network, it helps us discover how to optimize the descriptions of the captions, a fundamental task to achieve greater visibility.

Within this aspect we are taught what it says is the power of a hashtag to be able to have a greater reach and shows us how to create our own television channels to Install, as well as the types of content most appropriate for our strategies.

The last two chapters are dedicated to teaching us how to advertise on Instagram and sell products on Instagram Shopping.

The 13 laws to have a shark mentality

The shark mentality is the proposal of Manuel Sotomayor, so that through his work Shark Mindset: The 13 System Laws To Maximize Your Mental Power you can maximize your mental potential, since they help you discover the potential you have, with a tool to innovate and build.

This type of work becomes an important reference to learn new talent management guidelines, thought from the mentality that professionals must have, to be a key element not only in the companies in which they work, but within their own ventures .

Everything a professional salesperson should know

In Sales 101: What Every Successful Professional Salesperson Needs to Know Zig Ziglar it teaches you the value of being able to persuade clients with resources like ethics and frequency.

The author assures that the experience in sales that he has taken has allowed him to lay down the basic principles of this activity with topics such as discipline to be able to have control in your life and time.

Ziglar’s proposal is to move from customer service to customer satisfaction service, in addition to helping you create sales knowing the ABC to be able to carry them out and how to find solutions to needs.


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