2 Big Changes When The NFL Experience Comes To Tampa For Super Bowl Week

2 Big Changes When The NFL Experience Comes To Tampa For Super Bowl Week

Ever since this darn virus started messing up our lives, it’s been in the back of my mind… will this mess up Tampa hosting the Super Bowl?  When the coronavirus first started causing concerts to get canceled, it seemed like by summer we’d be in the clear if we were patient and stayed home.  But here we are in August and we’re only now starting to see some improvement since face masks use increased.  But what about 2021?  Will we be ready to host the big game?  That’s the topic of discussion today as the Super Bowl 55 Host Committee and NFL met with the media.

They said today that health and safety is the number one priority. With that comes two big changes for The Super Bowl Experience, according to a tweet this morning. And I’ve gotta say – I like both of them.

First, the event will be held outdoors. Usually they find an arena near the stadium to host the NFL Experience. But given the concern about spreading the virus, having the exhibits and activities outside will make it safer for all. Beyond that, Tampa weather in February is perfect. The chances of rain are low and the heat won’t be too harsh.

Second, it will be free! Normally they charge around $20 for a ticket. There are usually virtual reality games, clinics, and you can get your photo taken with the Vince Lombardi trophy.

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