Dr Disrespect Part 2: Second YouTube Stream Still Draws Massive Viewers, And A Big Sponsor

Dr Disrespect returned to streaming yesterday for the second time, proving that he’s not just testing the waters like Ninja on YouTube and Twitch, fishing for a contract, rather he’s back to full time streaming without one.

Doc was always a popular streamer, hence the likely eight figure contract that Twitch offered him, then broke with his infamous ban, but this entire mystery and controversy seems to have only served to make him more popular than ever.

He put up impressive numbers for his second stream as well, hovering around 150,000 viewers at its peak, but generally getting over 100,000 for the entire time. Not to always use Ninja as a metric, but this is more than Ninja’s debut YouTube stream, which was more around 130,000 at its peak.

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This was even more impressive considering the bulk of the stream was sponsored by Rogue Company, a new Hi-Rez shooter that has attracted some streamer attention, but it’s hardly Call of Duty: Warzone, Doc’s recent bread and butter. The entire Rogue Company playdate seems like it may have been orchestrated from before Doc returned to streaming. One of the first donations Doc read on stream during his return (amidst a flood of them) was someone asking him to check out Rogue Company, and he said maybe he would. Two days later, he was doing a sponsored stream for it. Though I guess it’s also possible Hi-Rez heard that comment and leapt to craft a deal with Doc immediately. That lead to a day of high-viewership playtime for the game and the following scripted exchanged afterward, indicating that more Rogue Company is in Doc’s future, as clearly this is part of some larger deal:

The Rogue Company thing is actually kind of an important bit of information in the Doc saga, that some brands see no problem continuing to have, or starting to form relationships with him after his Twitch ban. I wouldn’t be surprised if this Rogue Company thing was set up over the course of the past month, with the stipulation being that his first stream back wouldn’t be a sponsored stream (which would have definitely been a weird look).

But some of Doc’s old brand partners welcomed him back as well, including probably his most prominent, Mountain Dew Game Fuel:

While Doc has been a controversial figure before his permanent Twitch ban, given that no public information has come to light about the most recent ban, there’s no real reason for companies to stop working with him unless something does surface. This has lead fans to mock the insiders who said things like “Doc is done, and not just on Twitch” back when his ban happened, as clearly he’s mounted a comeback, even if it isn’t attached to a high dollar YouTube contract. He’s just streaming, but trust me, with 100,000 viewers, between paid subs and donations, you are indeed raking it in all the same, in addition to whatever sponsorships he clearly has going.

So, Doc has found a new home. And the legal battle with Twitch continues in absolute secret behind the scenes.

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