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So you want to provide customers with the ability to track their package, I get it, understandable. You want them to have the ability to track the truck that “has” the package, meh, sure I get it. But to have the AUDACITY to have packages that never made it onto the truck, in the system as “out for delivery” with the tracking is just bad customer service and creates serious issues.

Every day I get 4-5 occurrences of this, people take their frustration out on the drivers, and never buy the reason behind why this is even happening. Just yesterday had a guy “track” me to the the street I was on, started demanding his package, a street I already did and knew for a fact it wasn’t on my truck, oh but on his little app it says the package is right there on my truck. After some nasty things to say he left, but 20 minutes later he rolled around in his car, started taking pics of plate, me, etc. Later on in the day his wife came up to me and started accusing me of theft.

Something has to be done, someone is going to get hurt from this and considering where my route is and the customers I deal with, more than likely I’ll be be the sacrificial lamb.

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