The Best Pizza Deals You Can Get Today

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We’ve all been there.  Sometimes, you just need some pizza.  Whether it’s for celebrating an occasion, comfort food after a long day’s work, or just getting something delivered to your door that you can eat with as little work as possible, pizza is always there for you.  And, pizza chains are constantly fighting for your business and your hard earned cash.  We’ve compiled the best pizza deals available right now!<!– –>

Some ground rules:  We aren’t including local coupons for pizza chains, because they can vary widely.  We are including coupon codes and daily deals that have been around for awhile and should last – there are often deals valid for only a day or two that we aren’t going to include.  We includes links to restaurant websites where you can confirm the deal and find further information.  EatDrinkDeals does not post deals that cannot be verified from a source such as the restaurant website, social media account, or press release.<!– –>

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The Best Pizza Deals You Can Get Right Now

Papa Murphy’s 25% Off Online

Papa Murphy’s has a coupon code to get 25% off online orders of $20 or more.  Click here to start an order and use promo code HOME25 to get the discount.  Also, on Mondays, buy one large pizza and get one free!  Monday may not be the quintessential pizza night, but it’s hard to argue with free pizza.<!– –>

For more info on these and other Papa Murphy’s deals, click here for the EatDrinkDeals Papa Murphy’s page!

Pizza Hut $9.99 Large 3 Topping Carryout Deal

Pizza Hut has a large, three-topping pizza for $9.99 available every day!  Here’s how to get the deal:<!– –>

  • From the Pizza Hut Deals page click on “Add to Order” under the Large 3-Topping $9.99 Deal
  • Pick your location
  • Select order or pre-order
  • Select Create Your Own, pick your crust and add your three toppings
  • Click Add to Order

For more specials and deals at The Hut, click here to read the EatDrinkDeals Pizza Hut story.

Domino’s $7.99 Large 3 Topping Carryout and $5.99 Mix and Match

Domino’s has put the one up on Pizza Hut with a Large 3 Topping Pizza for just $7.99 if you get it carryout.  Save a couple of bucks the next time you order!  If you want to get some different items, try out the $5.99 Mix and Match menu with items like medium pizzas, Oven Baked Sandwiches, Wings, and more.<!– –>

For more info on these and other Domino’s deals, click here for the EatDrinkDeals Domino’s Pizza page.

Marco’s Pizza $6.99 Medium 1 Topping Pizzas

<!– –>Carryout is great and all, but if you need it delivered, consider unlimited $6.99 Medium 1 Topping pizzas from Marco’s Pizza!  They were rated America’s favorite pizza chain last year, so chances are you’ll like it.  Use coupon promo code MED699 to get the deal.  Marco’s Pizza posted the deal on their website.

For more Marco’s coupon codes, like $10.99 specialty pizzas loaded with toppings, click here for the EatDrinkDeals Marco’s Pizza article.<!– –>

Blaze Pizza Online Specials Large Pepperoni for $8.95 and More

Blaze has online specials available every day like a Large Pepperoni Pizza for $8.95, a $19.95 Meal Bundle and more.  Click here for the Blaze Pizza ordering page.  You’ll see these offers in the Online Specials section of the menu in the left hand column, though they may vary by location.

For the full lineup and other deals, click here to go to the EatDrinkDeals Blaze Pizza page!

Papa John’s 25% Off with Visa Card and Other Specials

If you’re paying with Visa, save 25% at Papa John’s when you enter promo code VISA25 with your order!  Note this is off the “regular menu price” and can’t be used in conjunction with other offers.  There are plenty of other ways to save, too – for full details and to place an order, go to the Papa John’s Specials website here.  No coupon is necessary to score any one of these deals.<!– –>

Catch up on all the deals here at our EatDrinkDeals Papa John’s page!<!– –>

Little Caesars $5 Pizzas All Day, Every Day

It’s hard to argue with a $5 pizza, and Little Caesars has ’em every day.  Get a $5 Classic (Cheese, Pepperoni or Sausage) Pizza any old time at Little Caesars Pizza, no coupon needed.  They’ve got other deals on other pizzas with extra toppings, $5 lunch combos, and other goodies too.  For more details visit our EatDrinkDeals Little Caesars page.<!– –>

More Pizza Deals

These are the favorite pizza deals from all the major chains, but there’s plenty more out there if we didn’t cover your go-to joint.  Click here to visit the EatDrinkDeals Pizza Coupons, Promo Codes and Deals section and find the latest pizza coupons and pizza promo codes from favorite pizza chains near you.  We check codes and update our site every day!  You might find special promo codes and deals better than what we’ve listed here that are only good for a day or two.  We’ve seen the likes of 51% off at Hungry Howie’s, $0.29 pizzas at Topper’s Pizza, $3.14 pizzas at Blaze Pizza and tons of other places on March 14 (Pi Day… get it?) and more! Pizza deals can change on a dime, so here at EatDrinkDeals we update our website multiple times daily to ensure you’ve got access to the latest.

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