THE NEW MUTANTS Is Indeed Still Coming To Theaters On August 28…Even If Most Theaters Are …

THE NEW MUTANTS Is Indeed Still Coming To Theaters On August 28...Even If Most Theaters Are ...

Variety reports that despite everything happening with the COVID-19 pandemic right now, The New Mutants remains on track for its planned August 28th release. As the trade notes, it was widely expected that the movie would be delayed yet again, but Disney sent exhibitors a lengthy email on Monday outlining their big screen plans for the Marvel Comics adaptation. 

The studio, meanwhile, has also confirmed that tickets can be sold as of August 18th. As one exhibitor tells them, “It’s for sure opening August 28th!”

It is, of course, still possible that Disney will change these plans, and with only 1309 of the U.S.’s 6021 theaters actually open, things don’t bode well for The New Mutants at the box office. However, if it’s true that the movie has to be released in multiplexes due to contractual agreements made by 20th Century Fox, it could play for one weekend before being moved to Disney+. 

It’s hard to say for sure, but theater owners were banking on big releases like Mulan and Tenet to bring back paying customers, not The New Mutants (which was predicted to flop even before the pandemic).

Now, the movie is the first major blockbuster to open in theaters before they were forced to close, something we could have never guessed would be the case earlier this year. Plans for The New Mutants should start becoming clear over the next couple of weeks, so we’ll keep you guys updated.

Are you planning to see The New Mutants in theaters?

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