Craigslist Southwest Michigan

Craigslist Southwest Michigan

Craigslist was set up by Craig Newmark in 1995. It is an advertisement site with lots of sections dedicated to communality service, services, items wanted, for sale, housing, discussion forums, resumes, and gigs.

Although Craigslist is now a major advertisement website, this was not how it started.  It actually began as an email distribution list. It majorly featured local events that took place around San Francisco Bay. After operating as an email distribution list for one year, it moved on to become a service that was web-based. It did not end at that. It expanded to other cities in the United States and Canada in 2000. At the moment, it covers lots of cities in 70 countries.

Between 1995 and 2008, Craigslist only offered its services to English speaking countries. However, in March 2008, it expanded its coverage to countries that speak Portuguese, German, Italian, French, and Spanish.

Craigslist’s sites operate in different ways. Some simply cover metropolitan areas. Others, however, cover huge regions. Some locations in the United States that own individual craigslist sites are the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, the California Gold Country, the Colorado Western Slope, Delaware, and Wyoming. Craigslist sites in cities such as Los Angeles make it possible for users to pay attention to a certain region of the city.

Why Did Craig Newmark Setup Craigslist

When Craig Newmark arrived in San Francesco, he felt isolated as he had not built a relationship with anyone around his neighborhood. He also noticed people being of assistance to one another in social and friendly ways through Usenet, MindVox, and WELL. After his observation, Newmark made up his mind on developing something like MindVox and WELL for events in his locality. This led him to start an email distribution list to his friends. At the beginning stages of Craigslist, a lot of postings were about social events in San Francesco that internet and software developers would be interested in. Furthermore, Newmark submitted these postings by himself.

As Craig submitted more postings, his fame spread by word of mouth and there was a rapid increase in the number of postings that had to be made, as well as the number of subscribers to his email distribution list. After being used for event postings, the mailing listings also became used for other purposes aside event postings.

Lots of people that were trying to fill technical positions discovered this list to be an ideal way to get across to the people they needed to reach. Due go this, a job category was added. As users needed an increase in the category, there was a major growth of Craigslist. One year after being set up, Craig went ahead to register He did this to meet the needs of those that asked for a web interface.

In 1998, Craigslist became known as “List Foundation” It, however, did not function with this name for a long time because it was not the only organization known as “List Foundation”. Between 1995 when it as established and 2000, Craigslist grew very rapidly and soon Newmark had nine employees. These employees all worked from his apartment.

One of the nine employees that joined Craigslist in 2000 was Jim Buckmaster who is currently the CEO. He joined the company as a CTO and lead programmer. Some of his major contributions can be seen in discussion forums, personals categories, homepage design, self-posting process, flagging system, search engine, and the multi-city architecture of this site. Jim Buckmaster joined Craigslist in January 2000 and by November of the same year, he was CEO.

How Busy is Craigslist

Craigslist is definitely not the busiest site in the world. It, however, is one of the busiest in the United States. Based on the number of visitors it gets every month, Craigslist is the 11th busiest site in the United States and the 72nd busiest in the world. In just the United States, it has over 49.4 million visitors on a monthly basis. This is according to That’s not all. It has 80 million fresh classified advertisements on a monthly basis.

Craigslist is considered one of the biggest job boards on the planet as it gets over 2 million fresh job listings every month. Furthermore, there are over 300, 000 postings daily in the “housing” and “for sale” sections when the homepage of the biggest 23 cities in the United States are put together.


According to Jim Buckmaster, Craigslist was more interested in helping its users locate dates, jobs, apartments and cars. He made this known at the UBS Global Media Conference that took place in New York in 2006.

At the moment, Craigslist makes the bulk of its revenue from job ads that are paid for in certain cities in the United States. Also, there are no formal disclosures of information about its finances and ownership. Due to the lack of financial reports about its ownership and finances, there are different reports about its yearly revenue. There has been various analysis of its yearly revenue. These analyses, however, have ended in different figures being projected.


eBay paid for 25% of the stakes at Craigslist. This was announced by Craig Newmark on his blog. Although it did not appear like this action was going to change much, certain Craigslist fans were of the opinion that this new move would alter the non-financial goals of this firm. Regardless of what the fans though, eBay did not make any major changes to the non-financial features of this site.

Some years back, it was generally believed that Craig Newmark, eBay, and Jim Buckmaster owned Craigslist. While eBay had 25%of what this company was worth, Craig had the biggest stake owned this company

Dates and Sex

Craigslist did not initially start as a firm that cared about people’s personal lives. It, however, went from just strictly business to being involved in personals such as sex and dates. It went ahead to create a personals section that made room for postings that were basically casual encounters, and dating/romance.

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