Best CBD Gummies For First Time Cannabis Users

Lots of people want to give cannabis a try, and when they have to pick one consumption method over another, cannabis edibles are often chosen. It’s not surprising, edibles are one of easiest ways to try cannabis, it is also very delicious and comes in various shapes, flavours and dosages. Not all cannabis edibles are the same, and it is important to know which ones will be better for first-time users. Key is to choose low dosage edibles. 5mg or 10mg are perfect if you never tried weed before. To guide you in your purchase next time you buy weed online, here are the best CBD gummies that are perfect if you want to start cannabis. They have a low dosage and are super tasty.

Best Low Dosage CBD gummies

Spectrum MD – 5mg CBD per gummy

Red, orange, yellow, green… These colourful CBD gummies are perfect for beginners as they only contain 5mg CBD each. Coming in a big jar, they are ideal to treat chronic diseases or if you simply want to stock up on gummies.

Mota Edibles Jellies – 6mg CBD per gummy

With their fun packing and flavourful gummies, Mota Edibles are among the best cannabis edibles brands you can find on the market if you want to buy weed online. Available in both Indica and Sativa, each gummy contains 6mg CBD. Between strawberry, raspberry, mango and watermelon, which flavour will be your favourite?

Twisted Extracts Caramelts – 10mg CBD per gummy

There is no better way to try cannabis edibles for the first time than chewing on delicious CBD-infused caramels. Each contains 10mg CBD, the perfect dosage to satisfy your taste buds.

Twisted Extracts Jelly Bombs – 10mg CBD per gummy

Peach or pineapple, which flavour will be yours? These CBD gummies from Twisted Extracts have a delicious exotic and fruity flavour that make them even better than regular gummies. Each bag contains 8 gummies, the perfect amount to start cannabis until you try a higher dosage.

Boost Edibles – 10mg CBD per gummy

You will love these CBD gummies for the packaging, you will buy them again for their flavour. These tiny CBD gummies from Boost Edibles have a delicious flavour of sour lemon that will refresh your taste buds while you experience the anti-anxiety and insomnia benefits of CBD.

Cannabis Edibles: Consumption Recommendations

As a new cannabis user, it can be hard to make a choice between the different cannabis edibles that exist on the market, and there are many! Make sure to read our recommendations, it will help you find the right cannabis edibles for you.

Recommendation #1

Start with the lowest dosage available. Whether it is CBD, THC or both, shop the lowest dosage. 5mg or 10mg would be perfect.

Recommendation #2

Be patient. Cannabis edibles, like CBD gummies, cannabis chocolates or capsules go through your digestive system. What it means is that if you take cannabis edibles, you will feel their benefits and effects after 2 to 4 hours, not before. Don’t reach out to another gummy until then. If you feel that you can handle another dose, feel free to reach out for more.

Recommendation #3

CBD, THC, Indica, Sativa… Make sure to know what is inside the cannabis edibles you are buying and if it fits the effects and benefits you are after.

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