Cachondeo in the networks when searching in Google the Ikea street in Valladolid

The latest message that has become fashionable on the networks and that has become tremendously viral refers to one of the most sought after furniture stores in the world. The popular Ikea. The fact is that this establishment, in Valladolid, has revolutionized social networks due to the name of the street where it is located.

Thus, the message of ‘Google Ikea Valladolid‘Is one of the most viral of the last hours on Twitter. And is not for less. Surely the residents of the area where the establishment is located already knew it, but it is new to the rest, so people do not leave their astonishment at such an original street name.

Indeed, users who were unaware of the location of the local store Arroyo de la encomienda (Valladolid) have been able to verify the curious name, street ‘I am missing a screw‘, Which has unleashed the laughter and general joke on Twitter.

Due to the peculiar name of the street and the allusion to the screws, people do nothing but feed the joke with the joke of the day on social networks.

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