The 10 Best Weed Strains to Boost Your Creativity

Some marijuana strains are documented to be so called “creativity boosters”. The truth, in my opinion at least, is that creativity comes from within and all of us possess a certain type of creativity. However, sometimes it just takes a little outsider influence to help our minds loosen and not be afraid to think outside the box.

The issue I have with weed sometimes is that I not only want to feel creative, but I want to be present enough to do something with that creativity. Cannabis can be tricky in that way, because many times it’ll sit you on your butt, feeling creative, but with no motivation to stand up and paint, write, or whatever it is you do. At times, that creativity might also come with a cloudy brain, which sucks because it can feel like your brain is having trouble just shifting into first gear. We’ve tried to stay clear of those types of strains and made a list that will have you on your creative-A game.

Top Creativity Boosting Strains

1. Suver Haze

A foggy brain is where CBD strains like Suver Haze come in. Without the additional THC content, this bud is one that helps you take the extra few breaths you sometimes need in the morning as the doors of creativity open up slowly.

The <0.3% THC content in this bud allows you to remain alert throughout the task ahead and its fragrant sweet fruit, fresh citrus, and pepper undertones deliver just the right amount of flavorful spunk. Its high CBD content is also a worthy callout, as this bud boasts of 21.3% CBD per unit of dry weight.

2. Blue Dream

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A sativa-dominant Californian strain known for it’s calming yet euphoric effects. Euphoria can be an overwhelming feeling at times with this one, but once the high settles you’ll find it to be quite soothing. In fact, soothing enough to collect your thoughts and utilize them on any creative output.

3. Sour Diesel

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Worthy member of a perfect starter pack for the beginner grower. A strain that thrives in both indoor and outdoor growth operations. Not to mention an above average THC level that ranges in between the 20-22% marks.

A cerebral high that unfortunately also comes in hard in the paint when it comes to physical effects, so if you’re not an experienced smoker that knows how to control a physical high, then it’s probably best to stay away from this one if you’re planning to get stuff done. But if you’re on the other side of the spectrum, then the fuel noted aromas of this bud will get your mind working on your next big creation.

4. Green Crack

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Don’t let the negative connotation of the name fool you. If you’re feeling fatigued but still need to get off your bed and get to work, Green Crack will take care of that problem for you.

Another cerebral high, in this case accounted for by close to 25% THC per unit of dry weight. Cerebral highs are something you want to look for when it comes to enhancing creativity, just bear in mind that they often come with high amounts of THC, so manage your pulls on the blunt wisely.

5. White Widow

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So, I recently smoked White Widow right before a closing meeting. Needless to say that I needed to be present and appear knowledgeable. Although I wouldn’t describe that to be my demeanor at the time, I would definitely say I appeared cool, calm, and collected. I also found myself listening more than I usually would have, although some of the details did escape me, that’s something that happens to me even when I’m sober. I was able to catch all the important details and close the deal without any major hiccups.

But why is this one on the creative list? Because in the same meeting I also found myself looking at the deal from different angles; thinking two steps ahead and anticipating my counter parts moves. Pretty dang creative enhancing if you ask me.

6. Jack Herer

Photo by Marshall Pittman / Adobe Stock Photo

I feel like Jack Herer is a strain that repeats itself on almost every list I write. Named after the “Emperor of Weed” himself, the Jack Herer strain is a creative powerhouse. Keeping you focused on the task at hand, but just day-dreamy enough to come up with ingenious ideas.

The strain is famous for being suitable in social situation, I would advise to keep it’s use for social situations that don’t require structured scheming. This one’s a perfect strain for brainstorming situations where thinking outside the box is a must, rather than strategic pow-wows where logical trains of thought lead are expected to lead the way.

7. Durban Poison

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A strain with THC levels that reach the 25% mark in more than one occasion. Although THC levels will ultimately depend on harvesting methods and processes, the strain is one notorious for an above average potency. A strain best left for morning or early in the day use that will get your brain’s wheels spinning as if there were no tomorrow.

8. Jamaican Dream

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A strain we’ve listed before as one of the top dogs for wake n’ bake enthusiasts. Jamaican Dream is one of the few Sativa strains that actually helps me stay focused, along with White Widow. A Jamaican quality strain perfect for people who work in the creative industry but still require a certain level of concentration to help them get s**t done.

9. Strawberry Cough

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Sweet berry aromas that take over your palate on every long inhale. Although Strawberry Cough works like a charm in social situations where nerves might play a role, it’s also a great option for those alone times when creativity must be put to use. In social situations this strain helps maintain a happy attitude, eliminates anxiety, and in my personal case; helps me feel more creative and opportune.

10. Chem Dog

Chem Dog or Chem Dawg is a difficult strain to track origin-wise. A distinctly diesel flavor and scent strain with particularly potent effects of euphoria. Not to mention the cerebral high that all creativity seekers find so attractive. Although THC levels are comparable to most strains I use on a frequent basis, the potency of this bud is a serious force to reckon with.

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