The 5 Best CBG Flowers to Buy in 2020

It hasn’t been a long time since the only cannabinoid we were used to was THC. Back then, everything weed had to be high-inducing and hence it’s illegal nature (back in the day), extremely expensive. At least this was the case in most of North America.

The environment has changed incredibly since then. What used to be illegal is now legal in most states across the United States and what used to be scarce is now abundant. Including the types and product innovations available at mass retail venues.

Some of these innovations include driving away from THC and give an option for patients and recreational users that are not looking to get high. Some of us (in my case, only sometimes) want all the benefits of cannabis without the often focus impairing effects of THC.

That’s where CBG comes in. Much like CBD, Cannabigerol (CBG) is a non-psychoactive ingredient of the Cannabis Sativa flower. The differences between both are slight, but perhaps the most important one is that CBG is a naturally occurring cannabinoid, while CBD is not.

We’ll look into the ins and outs of CBG further down the line. But we’ll immediately plunge headfirst into the best CBG flower available to mankind.

Top 5 CBG Flowers

1. The White CBG Flower by Botany Farms

As difficult as it is to grow high-content CBG flower, this is a process that Botany Farms still manages to excel in. An experienced grower of non-psychoactive buds, Botany Farms offers a CBG bud with close to 18.5% CBG and the obvious lower than 0.3% THC.

The chemical composition of this bud ensures a non-high-inducing feeling that still manages to ignite the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects of CBG at an unparalleled onset speed. A Hybrid strain with a distinguished earthy, yet spicy aroma.

2. CBG Shiatsu by Whistler Cannabis Co

Grown indoors using specialized LED lighting that allows Whistler to monitor the bud throughout its life cycle and accurately ensure the quality is maintained over accumulating harvests. However low in THC when compared to other THC baring strains (8.65%), it still comes with enough to get you high if that happens to be your jam.

Photo Courtesy of Whistler Cannabis Co

However, this strain manages to rank on the list because its close to 4.83% CBG content that qualifies this bud as an effective aid managing inflammation, chronic pain, and nausea.

3. Secret Nature’s CBG Flower

Photo Courtesy of Secret Nature

An organically grown bud that manages to almost reach Botany Farms’ CBG levels with its impressive 15.4% CBG content. Not quite there yet but equally impressive because of the difficulty involved in growing CBG specific strains, as you might already know by now.

A Sativa-dominant strain acclaimed among users for its consistently high standards. A nutty, almost earthy scent profile riddled with inquisitively attractive terpenes. Secret Nature is known for their artisanal approach to cannabis harvesting and their CBG flower is not the exception on their trademark handcraft feel.

4. Industrial Hemp Farms Jack Frost CBG Hemp Flower

Photo Courtesy of Industrial Hemp Farms

Another well-known brand that makes it into the top 5, and it doesn’t get much better than Industrial Hemp Farms. Renowned for above average quality standards, IHF offers a Jack Frost CBG focused hemp strain, grown indoors, and specifically bred for medicinal purposes.

As expected from a Jack Frost bud, this CBG variety boasts of a sweet flavor terpene profile and a 0% THC content. Not to mention a high CBG content of 13.1% that accounts for the “mellow time” documented by consumers.

5. The Brothers Apothecary Craft CBG Flower

Photo Courtesy of The Brothers Apothecary

Not that I like to discriminate against foreign grown flower, but U.S. grown buds tend to be a step above in quality consistency than other countries. Making this one of the top features of this 12.75% CBGA content bud from Brother’s Apothecary that has been previously tested for purity, mold, pesticides, heavy metals, and microbials.

How is it Different from CBD?

CBG is CBDs “parent” or “precursor”. Actually, CBG is the precursor to every other cannabinoid on the list.


Both components have very similar effects and benefits on the human body. CBD latches onto ‘endocannabinoid receptors’, which are a part of your body’s endocannabinoid system. When this happens, the receptor activates a function in the body (depending on where that receptor is located).

Although CBG also latches onto the endocannabinoid receptors, contrary to CBD, it does so in order to activate them but also to block the effects of other cannabinoids. In other words, it prevents other cannabinoids from latching onto specific receptors in your body. For instance, CBG is said to block certain effects of THC on the body, making high contents of THC more manageable.

Benefits of CBG

According to research from (Cascio, 2010), benefits of CBG are still non-conclusive and evidence is scarce. However, it suggests that CBG could prove to be an effective aid in combating symptoms of serious illnesses like colitis, neurodegeneration, cancer, glaucoma, and inflammation. Other positive effects show promise of CBG as an aid for muscle relaxation, tension relief, and other antibacterial properties.

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