Ax Swings at CNN


CNN has pulled the plug once again on one of their projects that was designed to bring in younger viewers.

CNN says that it is scrapping their Great Big Story, a streaming-video hub that they launched 5 years old.

CNN plugged the service as a way to reach a younger generation increasingly turning to short-form video delivered via broadband and mobile to get its news and information.

With CNN shutting it down, it looks like about 30 staffers will be impacted.

“Challenging times call for difficult decisions, and it is with a heavy heart that we are announcing today that we will be closing the doors of Great Big Story,” the unit said in a statement Wednesday.

You may remember that CNN paid [email protected]% million bucks to a blogger a few years ago because Jeff Zucker’s kid thought the blogger’s company was cool. CNN also shuttred that operation.

No word if Zucker’s kid played any role in this failed attempt as well.

H/T Variety

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