Interesting read from ESPN

I’m not sure if this article has already been posted on the site, but I thought this was very interesting. Apparently the league has given the signal to officials not to call offensive holding unless it is blatantly obvious.
Unfortunately it also puts in perspective just how bad our offense, particularly our line, has been performing when the rest of the league’s offensive performance is up this season.
Of course it also sheds light on how difficult it is for our pass rushers to get sacks, and I have noticed some uncalled penalties myself so far this season. It’ll be interesting to see if this trend in NFL officiating will continue.
These are difficult times for all of us because of COVID-19, so I am grateful to have Football to watch on television this season. I just hope that watching my beloved New York Giants is more watchable than it was in last week’s debacle.
How the NFL has been manipulating scoring this season – ( New Window )

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