ESPN stole my work?

It has come to my attention that earlier today, before Game 2 of the Finals, ESPN ran a segment where Jay Williams broke down the exact same play that I posted an analysis of on Reddit yesterday.

Now some of you are saying that since Jay’s narration was “pretty close to being word for word” what I wrote, ESPN must have been stealing my work and they’re trash for doing it/not giving me credit. Others have opined that I might be working for ESPN and that they planted me in the subreddit for marketing purposes.

Here’s my take: I honestly don’t think it matters.

If it’s a coincidence – and to clarify, I think it is – that we broke down the same play, that’s dope! Jay Will sure as hell knows more about basketball than I do, and if he and I are watching and noticing the same things, that just means I’m doing something right.

If they actually did find inspiration from my post, that’s awesome too. My purpose for making all of these posts has always been to share plays and strategies that I thought were cool/interesting with others so they could appreciate them too. Who cares if I’m the one sharing it or if ESPN is? We’re all enjoying the beautiful game of basketball together.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I’m really blown away by the support I’ve received from r/nba so far! Thank you for reading/subbing to my stuff and leaving such overwhelmingly positive feedback. Looking forward to sharing more with you all!

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