How does that, of all matchups, make the Main Event?

Honestly brothers…..

I get it if it’s Holm x Nunes or even Holm x Shevchenko (although I hate wmma main events in general), but Aldana is not good, at all. She looks like she’s tough and that’s probably her best attribute.

Her boxing looks like she went on Craigslist and found some 50 year old dude with a pony tail on his beard who she hit mitts with for 8 months. Wtf was that?

As an mma and boxing fan, main events like this are frustrating because if casuals randomly tune in or if a boxing fan decides to give the sport a shot, and they see what just transpired, they’re never coming back again.

We can do better than that. Much better, even for a fight night/free card main event.

If Aldana was a great wrestler or something, I would understand. But she literally isn’t good at anything. She and her team had 25 minutes to realize that she should use some lateral movement and cut off the cage instead of chasing her like a dog chasing his tail.

I’m not trying to come off like I think I know everything, because this is just another opinion but that shit is disgraceful to the sport.

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