USPS & Accidents

Well I have to start laughing at this BS.

So had accident couple days ago, which is what it is.

Well I had my meeting and come to find out I had 2 accidents on my record (this one and another one). I was lost because only other incidents I have had were 2 different deer incidents and figured both were classified as not at fault.

Well the first deer about 4 years ago ran out in front of me, no chance to do anything and hit it in head on with damage being on my front of the car with the all on the passenger side of the hood and that, USPS decided that was “accident” and put it on my record as an accident (Really wish I would have gotten the union involved on this one). Told me my postmaster well had I known that at the time, I would have just ran off into the ditch if they counted as the same. I just laughed because I was like what the [email protected]#% was I suppose to do? Go into the ditch on one side or the other? Last one I hit ran into the side of the car.

All I can do is just laugh at the policy of this and because I hit the deer head on, it was a “accident” and went on my record.

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