Parent Teacher Conferences: Week of October 5th

In lieu of in-person conferences, staff will be at school making phone calls during the week of October 5th and sending out email updates to families during this time. If you would like to personally connect with your student’s teachers, please reach out to them via email or phone. In the end, you can expect to receive at least one form of communication regarding your student’s progress in their courses from their teachers. There are multiple ways for you to learn more about how things are going at school. Please see below for details about how you can stay connected to your student’s progress this term

Synergy ParentVue

The quickest way to check student progress is to look over grades and attendance in the Synergy ParentVue application. Here you will find assignments that have been turned in, the corresponding grades, which assignments are missing, and the overall course grade.

Class websites are also available through Synergy ParentVue. Each course website provides you with access to the course syllabus, an overview of the course, assessment practices and information about the course objectives.
Please contact the Main Office if you do not have ParentVue access- 402-436-1302 Option 2.

Google Classroom

Students all have access to Google Classroom for their courses. Parents do not have direct access to Google Classroom, however, one way to learn more about the work your student is doing in their classes is to have them show you their Google Classroom space. If you notice that assignments are missing on Synergy ParentVue, ask your student to show you their work on Google Classroom.

Looking over your student’s Synergy grade book and attendance will give you a good snapshot of their progress in their courses. Taking the time to sit down with them and go over their grades, and look through their Google Classroom is a great way to discuss what they are doing well and where they may need to make some improvements. Doing this may also generate some questions that you would like to communicate with your student’s teacher about.

Course Specific Updates

Teachers will send a general email to all families of students who are doing well and on track to earn a passing score in the course at this point in the term. This email will include some basic information about the course, and may include a preview of some important upcoming projects, assessments or due dates along with any other pertinent information about how to be successful in the course.

Staff will also engage in targeted outreach efforts to partner with families of students who may not be on track to be successful in their courses. These efforts will focus on what teachers are seeing in class along with guidance about how to get back on track before the end of the term. This may include updates on in class behaviors, missing assignments, attendance updates and details about their content proficiency based on their assessments so far.

Please know that families are always invited to reach out to our staff to ask questions, receive updates or set up a time to discuss student progress. That has not changed. Good communication has never been limited just to parent teacher conferences. Please feel free to call or email your student’s teachers anytime you have questions or concerns about how they are doing in their classes.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our main office if you have any questions at 402-436-1302.

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