Should I mention giving edibles to grandparent who has dementia and is addicted OTC painkillers?

So I don’t want to make this too long but long story short grandma has dementia, it’s pretty bad, it’s pretty advances and the only time she gets aggressive is when she can’t have like OTC painkillers bc she gets headaches a lot. She also is generally anxious, fidgety, and I just kind of think that maybe she could suffer less if she had some edibles and could be blissfully high.

It would be a replacement for the painkillers and it’d probably make her less irritated and agitated, but here’s the catch… mom hates weed. She caught me smoking it recently so I don’t want to bring it up and the whole family is pretty conservative and I think that they think of marijuana as like worse than alcohol or even painkillers.

And like my grandma is basically just not there anymore, and it’s really sad but that’s not for this post, and she’s diagnosed and everything. It kind of hit me when my mom said that the doctor did a test on her and asked her to draw a circle and she couldn’t remember what it looked like, so it’s that bad.

I’m thinking of suggesting it to my older cousin who my family adores more and they’d probably at least listen a little, and it wouldn’t be weird coming from here. If it were me I’d want to go to the doctors and mention it, just so that it doesn’t react with any medications bc I think she does take a few but idk what they are.

What do you think is it worth a shot and does anyone have any experience giving there grandparent with dementia marijuana edibles.

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