Black Lives Matter as Vow and Practice, a Buddhist Perspective

Buddhism & Mindfulness and Souls in Action at All Souls NYC Present Upayadhi: Black Lives Matter as Vow and Practice, a Buddhist Perspective

The Movement for Black Lives, the greatest global uprising for racial justice the world has ever seen, challenges all of us to radically re-imagine society at every level, as well as the workings of our very minds, hearts and bodies… In that, lies as much a ‘theological task‘ as a political call to action. How might one respond to this and take it on, from a Buddhist perspective? Dharmacharini Upayadhi offers some personal reflections on Black Lives Matter both as an expression of Buddhist vows and as a fierce practice of uprooting greed, hatred and delusion. Please join us. There will be an opportunity for Q&A.

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About the Speaker

Upayadhī was born in France of American parents; she grew up both in France and in the US. She began her journey in the Dharma in 2004 at the London Buddhist Center in Bethnal Green. Currently, she lives on the unceded lands of the Lenape people, also known as New York City. Professionally, her background is in leadership development, training and coaching. Following the wake-up call of the 2016 election, Upayadhī went back to school at Union Theological Seminary. She is majoring in Buddhism and Interreligious Engagement, as well as training in chaplaincy at the Jewish Theological Seminary. Upayadhī was ordained in 2018 into the Triratna Buddhist Order, and given her Dharma name on this occasion by her preceptor. It means “she who has skillful
means and wisdom.” She is the co-founder of the on-line platform called (white) awareness is revolutionary. More about Upayadhi:

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