Is this a DUMB CONCEPT? Adding a tiny amount of actual marijuana to CBD Hemp Flower? Are they synergistic?

So I am stupidly sensitive to THC. It gives me residual anxiety (the next day) even if I just take one hit. It gives me paranoia if I actually get like high, high. Drives me crazy because for most people it melts away their anxiety.

So CBD hemp flower is really cheap and super high in CBD (18%), but its rare to find marijuana that’s super low in THC (under 8%). Also CBD flower is like only .3% THC.

CBD flower gives me short-term and mild anxiety relief at best, aka it helps but realistically not a ton.

What if I sprinkled like a tiny, tiny amount of real weed into my CBD (flower blunt, bow, joint), which would make it lets use a hypothetically more like 1.5-2% THC + CBD flower (this is just a generalization).

Do you think it would turn up the notch on the effects of the actually CBD flower a bit? I read that they are both synergistic with each other, and LEGALITY WISE, they can’t go higher than .3% on the THC for CBD flower?

Just curious on your guys opinion or does that scientifically not make any sense and dumb lol

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