Pine Grove Boy Propositioned for Nude Photos on Instagram

Posted by Coal Region Canary on October 7, 2020 4:20 am

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pine grove boy propositioned for nude photos on instagram

An 11-year-old Pine Grove boy was allegedly propositioned for nude photos on Instagram recently.

According to State Police in Schuylkill Haven, an unknown Instagram user allegedly asked the boy to send nude photos of himself via the social media app.

Instagram is owned by Facebook.

Police say this happened back on Sept. 8 and its investigation into the incident is ongoing a month later.

Instagram Now a “Predators Paradise”

It’s nearly impossible to keep kids off social media sites. Parents are better off teaching their children about the dangers of talking to strangers on social media and monitoring their activity regularly.

“Predators are hiding behind the anonymity of the Internet to target kid, to entice kids online–to try to persuade them to meet them in the physical world,” says Ernie Allen, the President of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

And it seems these sexual deviants are following children where they go on social media. Where it was once Facebook as their go-to site to lure or provoke children to share personal information and photos, today it’s sites more popular with children, like Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok.

In 2019, Michigan State Police are quoted saying Instagram has become the most popular social media site for sexual predators to proposition children, according to a report from WJRT-TV.

In this video from the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, Instagram is called the “Predators Paradise” for sex trafficking, pedophiles, and child abuse:

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