Carlos Santana Launches Cannabis Brand

Legendary guitarist Carlos Santana announced on Tuesday that he is launching a brand of premium cannabis products designed to enhance healing and spiritual well-being. Known as Mirayo by Santana, the new brand is a collaboration between the iconic musician and Left Coast Ventures of California.

The name of the brand, derived from the Spanish words mi rayo (my ray), serves to honor the ten-time Grammy award-winning artist’s Mexican heritage while inspiring consumers to follow the light they have inside themselves. Santana told High Times in a phone interview that the name “comes from the concept that God imbued you, me, and everyone with heavenly powers.”

The brand’s initial offerings include five-packs of half-gram pre-rolls and 7-gram jars of premium cannabis flower. The products will be available in three different sun-grown strains, or “categories of consciousness,” including Radiance (sativa), Symmetry (hybrid), and Centered (indica). Santana hopes the new line will help those who enjoy the products find peace and separation from a sometimes chaotic world.

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