Google Maps Integration in Google Calendar Is Great News for the Modern User

It’s pretty clear that Google Maps is a key part of Google’s long-term product strategy, so bringing this service everywhere has become a priority for the Mountain View-based search giant.
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Google Maps integration in Google CalendarGoogle Maps integration in Google CalendarGoogle Maps integration in Google CalendarGoogle Maps integration in Google CalendarGoogle Maps integration in Google Calendar
Including in all Google products, that is. And most recently, the company has added Google Maps integration in Google Calendar on the web for better management of new appointments.

More specifically, when adding a new event in Google Calendar and you configure its location, there’s a Google Maps icon that launches a separate frame providing access to more information about the configured address.

Powered by Google Maps, this experience displays the map along with the typical navigation options that you can also get in the stand-alone app. So theoretically, you can plan your route in advance and then use Google Maps to save the route or send the directions to your phone for a more convenient experience when getting behind the wheel.

Everything is super-straightforward, and that’s clearly a good thing, as the integration can thus ease the task of managing events and appointments even for those who aren’t necessarily tech-savvy.

But at the end of the day, it shows just how important Google Maps has become for the overall experience with Google services, not only on Android but also on the other platforms.

Google Maps is without a doubt the number one navigation app, and most drivers use it on a regular basis, either on their phones or on the head units in their cars, to find the directions to a specific destination, all with the added benefit of avoiding heavy traffic.

At the same time, Google Maps also serves as one of the world’s most advanced tools to explore new places, and not a long time ago, Google announced a helpful update that allows users to see the impact of the global health issue on each region across the world. Up-to-date critical data, such as the locations where people can go to get tested, is also displayed on Google Maps.

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