Price tag for LR Costco retail development put at $23.2M

Costco Wholesale’s planned retail development in west Little Rock carries a $23.2 million price tag, according to city permits obtained for the project.

The development at 16901 Chenal Parkway includes $21.4 million of work for the 165,000-square-foot membership-retail store and associated on-site improvements, as well as $1.8 million for a gas station.

Permits typically are obtained just before construction. The permits for Costco were issued last week, but as of Monday, no work was evident on the 32-acre tract at Chenal Parkway and Kirk Road.

Costco’s building and parking would take up about 21 acres with the balance available for developing six lots for separate businesses on the site.

The permits were obtained six months after Costco sought city-planning approval for the project.

The land remains in the hands of KRS Parcel 8, a limited liability company connected to Whisenhunt Investments, another LLC. Seaborn Bell, whose profile lists him as trustee and chief financial officer for Whisenhunt Investments, organized KRS Parcel 8 in June 2011. A month later, Joe D. and Margaret Whisenhunt transferred the property to KRS Parcel 8.

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