Pucelete – Je Languis – Domino By: Anonymous

Pucelete A little maid, Pretty maiden, Bele et avenant, comely and fair, Beautiful and fair, Joliete, so pretty, I am taken; Polie et pleisant, graceful and pleasing, I can only stare. La sadete, the charming little one, You awaken Que je desire tant, whom I desire so much, In my heart such care. Mi fait liés, makes me happy, You make me happy; Jolis, envoisiés joyful, lighthearted Now to fall in Et amant: and loving; love I dare: N’est en mai A nightingale No nightingale Einsi gai singing in May that sings Roussignolet chantant. is not so gay. in May could well compare; S’amerai I will love Love that fills De cuer entieremant my little dark-haired the heart like this is rare. M’amiete, sweetheart, I am shaken La brunete, joyfully, By the braids in Jolietement. with my whole heart. Dark, alluring hair. Bele amie, Fair sweetheart, Lovely treasure, Qui ma vie you who have All my pleasure, En vo baillie so long had my life Life and leisure Avés tenue tant, in your power, In your hands you bear. Je voz cri sighing, So I for Merci I cry out to you your mercy En souspirant. for mercy. make this prayer. Je langui des maus d’amours: I languish with the pain of love: Languishing from pains of love, Mieuz aim assez, qu’il m’ocie I prefer that it, rather than I prefer that it should kill me, Que nul autre maus; any other malady, kill me; And no other pain. Trop est jolie la mort. death is so sweet. How lovely and sweet is death! Alegiés moi, douce amie, Relieve this illness, With the cure, beloved, fill me, Ceste maladie, sweet beloved, And restored I will be, Qu’amours ne m’ocie. so that love does not kill me. So love does not kill me. Domino Lord Mighty Lord Anonymous Stolba, K Marie, ed. The Development of Western Music: An Anthology. 3rd ed. Vol. I. Boston: McGraw-Hill, 1998. Print. Carol Anne Perry Lagemann

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