Terpenes, Terp Sap, and RISE Tampa Dispensaries

Emma Collard, Author
Emma Collard, Florida Medical Marijuana Patient and Author

About the Author:
Our guest author is Emma Collard. Emma is a Public Relations specialist and has been in the cannabis industry for 4 years.

This blog is sponsored by Green Thumb Industries. Any opinions expressed are those of Emma.

RISE Puts Patients First

When it comes to cannabis as medicine, it is important to recognize that the whole plant contributes to its healing powers, not just the THC and CBD percentages. While most people are still stuck on the idea that the high THC equals stronger relief, RISE Dispensaries has taken a step in the right direction by putting emphasis on the entire plant profile. This way, their patients are receiving the full potential benefits of this incredible healing plant.

RISE, in comparison to other dispensaries near Tampa and its surrounding areas, puts a lot of focus on the whole plant’s capabilities, including its terpenes.

RISE Pinellas Park: Marijuana Dispensaries in Tampa FL
RISE Pinellas Park: Marijuana Dispensaries in Tampa Florida Area

What are terpenes?

Terpenes are natural essential oils that are found all throughout nature, like in pine needles, hops, black pepper, and citrus fruits. In nature, they play an essential part in a plant’s defense against hungry herbivores and high temperatures. They also attract beneficial bugs, like pollinators, to the area.

For humans, each terpene presents different health benefits and different effects. While they produce no psycoacticity, they do influence the way each strain makes you feel. Strain specific terpenes can be found like any other terpenes for sale, similar to how vape juice flavors are available, but adding those to cannabis oils (weed vape juice) to recreate strains doesn’t give you the true plant profile because they lack other important parts of the plant that influences their effects.

Because of the United States strict laws on drug scheduling, not much research can be done on marijuana. But there is research being done on terpenes! For example, Beta-caryophyllene, a popular terpene, has been studied for its anti-inflammatory properties, pain relief capabilities, and its effect on Alzheimer patients.

Terp Sap Syringe Weed Vape Juice & Terp Sauce,at RISE Tampa Marijuana Dispensaries
Terp Sap, a Weed Vape Juice / Terp Sauce, & Florida Marijuana Flower by RYTHM at RISE Tampa Marijuana Dispensaries

Some people who have experimented with cannabis might have had a bad experience from cannabis and a lot of that has to do with the terpene profile of the strain that was used. Terpinolene is one terpene that has been shown to cause users to become more anxious and paranoid.

When terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids, and other ingredients in the cannabis plant are combined the entourage effect occurs. While isolated THC and a mix of synthetic terpenes does produce relieving effects, this synergistic relationship is thought to produce the plant’s ideal healing powers.

Think of it this way – a spoonful of sugar will produce similar effects as a piece of cake, but you will enjoy the cake more because of all of the ingredients working together to produce those sweet and irresistible flavors. This is the same concept you should consider when you are purchasing medical marijuana products.

RISE Loves Terpenes

The most unique trait of RISE Dispensaries is their respect and love of terpenes. They understand that terpenes are a vital part of a person’s medication regimen, so they label each product with the batch-specific percentages of the dominant cannabinoids, like THC, CBD, and CBN, as well as the dominant terpene percentages! That way a patient can take away some of the guessing that goes into trying out new strains and products.

RYTHM Terp Pen Vape Cartridge and Cannabis Flower at RISE Dispensary Tampa
RYTHM Terp Pen Vape Cartridge and Cannabis Flower at RISE Florida Marijuana Dispensaries

One product in
particular RISE carries that highlights terpenes for sale to Florida patients
is their terp sap. This is an extremely versatile terp sauce a part of the Rythm brand
that is an already activated, highly concentrated, terpene-rich product that
offers flavorful full spectrum relief. It can be vaped, dabbed, mixed into
topical creams, and added to food.

Another great benefit of this product? It is already decarbed! Basically what this means is that the THC is already activated so it will produce its psychoactive effects. When the cannabis plant is growing there actually isn’t any THC present, instead there is a non-psychoactive version of it called THCA. This THCA has to go through a chemical change in order for it to become THC and produce those effects.

If you were to try to
eat a marijuana flower, you would get some health benefits but you wouldn’t get
high from it. When you are smoking marijuana flower, you are lighting it on
fire which heats it to temperatures that cause quite a few chemical changes,
the THCA to THC conversion is one of these. This is why decarbing cannabis
flower, like RISE’s &Shine Flower, when you make edibles with it is such an
important step!

But for those of us who are either just too busy or enjoy instant gratification, the Terp Sap is the way to go. It really is the product for everyone!

RYTHM Medical Marijuana Products at RISE Dispensaries in Tampa FL
RYTHM Flower and Dogwalkers PreRolls have unique Terpene profiles

Other RISE Florida Products

While the terp sap is the most versatile option for full-spectrum relief available at RISE Dispensaries, the other products available are just as beneficial. Each of the lines carried in stores are ones that focus on the science behind cannabis as medicine and the importance of their healing powers.


RYTHM is a national cannabis brand with a singular promise: to provide consistent, authentic experiences that empower consumers to live their best lives. They carry a few different products varieties, including their terp sap, that all stem from carefully chosen cultivars. Every product in the RYTHM family is categorized in four relatable categories that focus on the experience: Energize (sativa-leaning), Relax (indica-leaning), Balance (hybrids) , and Heal (CBD rich).

  • Flower: Rythm flower is the foundation of
    their products reliability. Flower is what each and every one of their products
    stems from, so it is important to them to choose quality genetics based on
    data-driven analytics and leading cultivation techniques. Their team of master growers care
    immensely for their plants and make sure that each one of them reaches peak
    potency and purity.
  • Vapes: These strain-specific full-plant
    extract vapes contain no fillers, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, or
    additives. They come in a few different sizes, are available in a variety of
    strains, and even come in disposable all-in-one option. They are perfect for on
    the go and for trying out new strains.

Dog Walkers

Another great brand that
is available at RISE Dispensaries is Dogwalkers. These are marijauna pre-rolls
designed with the idea in mind of taking a walk with your four legged pal while
sparking up. Dogwalkers have also partnered with the Foundation
for TJO Animals, TAPS No-Kill Shelter, the Nevada SPCA,
and PetConnect
Rescue in order to help animals in need.

Cannabis pre-rolls from Dogwalkers, available at RISE Dispensaries in Tampa
Dogwalkers Pre-Rolls at RISE Florida Marijuana Dispensaries

Each of their pre-roll
options contain only premium flower that was harvested at just the right time
to ensure a tasteful and potent experience. They are hand rolled and are
available in 0.35g Mini Dog five-pack pre-rolls and in 0.75g Big Dog single

Personally, I prefer the
convenience of the Mini Dog five-pack because the small size is just the right
dose to ease into a nice euphoria after a long day. They easily fit into any
size purse, pocket, and car middle console, for easy and convenient access.
Whenever there is a new strain that I am not familiar with, I’ll grab a Big Dog
to give it a try without having to commit to a full pack of them.

Doctor Solomons

Just like RISE
Dispensaries puts focus on the science behind plant medicine, so does Doctor
Solomons. This brand was created by two sisters who grew up watching
their mother break boundaries for women’s health care. Their mother, Dr. Diane
Solomon, did clinical research that established the modern guidelines for the
early detection and prevention of cervical cancer.

Similar to her, they have developed marijuana infused
products to include transdermal gels and salves, full extract cannabis oil, and
my personal favorite, capsules. These products make it easy to use medical
marijuana products in a discreet manner without losing out on the full spectrum
benefits you would get from using whole flower.

Terp Sap, THC Vape Juice, and Topical Recipes for Terp Sap
Terp Sap, THC Vape Juice, and Topical Recipes for Terp Sap at RISE Florida Marijuana Dispensary

The Feel Collection

As a woman, I love any brand that brings me a sense of empowerment which is exactly what The Feel Collection offers. This brand was created by women, for women, and like every other product RISE carries, focuses on the bigger picture.

This line of marijuana
tincture oils are carefully crafted to offer optimal relief and provide
additional health benefits to users. They not only combine the healing powers
of phytocannabinoids, but also blend together other natural essential oils to
produce the best relief their users can hope for.

Each of the five marijuana tincture oils they offer
are made with every mood in mind. Feel Healed reduces anxiety and helps relax
the gut, Feel Comfort eases pain and loosens the body, Feel Energized gives the
added motivation your cup of coffee lacked, Feel Relaxed takes the edge off
after a long day, and Feel Dreamy coaxes you into an undisturbed deep sleep.

If you are located in Florida and would like personal assistance, please email RISE Community Outreach Specialist Angelica Lilley at: Angelica-Lilley-Email

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