There’s a Petition to Ban ‘Adopt Me!’ From ‘Roblox’ and It Has a Lot of Signatures

There are some video games that pick up steam and become popular, and at times it feels like there’s no rhyme or reason to it. Some of the simplest games become the most played and that’s been proven time and again.

Is ‘Adopt Me!’ shutting down? Some ‘Roblox’ fans hope so.

Adopt Me! on Roblox is very much like an old school Tamagotchi where users play as a pet owner. The objective is to “raise and dress cute pets, decorate your house, and play with friends in the magical, family-friendly world,” the Roblox description reads.

Source: Adopt Me! / Roblox

According to the statistics on the game, which Roblox keeps track of, it’s insanely popular and well loved. The game was created on July 14, 2017, and at this time, it has been played 14.2 billion times and is in the favorite list of 15,730,155 people.

On Oct. 10, 2020, Adopt Me! introduced a new update to its interface which gave massive upgrades to the game. Things that the upgrade included were a new fossil egg that users get to care for and raise, and 12 new pets to adopt, each with their own unique tricks. The game update also allowed users to wear accessories by finding fossils, and dig up toys.

The new update was one that users were anticipating and looking forward to. The countdown to the new release date was being watched by many. So, when it came, Adopt Me! started trending on Twitter, but it had another consequence, too.

Once the game started trending and more flocked to Adopt Me! to check out the new updates, the Roblox platform started to experience issues. Users were not able to connect, and Adopt Me! was blamed as being the reason the Roblox platform servers went down.

Within two hours of sharing that the update was live on Twitter, the official Adopt Me! Twitter account tweeted that the server issues were from Roblox. “The Roblox servers are having issues handling the large amount of players, so you may experience issues joining new servers and servers breaking down,” the tweet read. “The Roblox team is working on fixing these issues, you can check the Roblox servers status here:”

And looking at the announcement tweet from earlier, people knew this was going to happen. Some users had tweeted back to Adopt Me! that they were anticipating the servers to go down — not only making it so the people who wanted to play Adopt Me! couldn’t access the games, but anyone who was trying to play Roblox at all had issues.

People got so upset about Adopt Me! having an impact on the servers that one person started a petition to try and convince Roblox to remove Adopt Me! from the platform. “Clearly adopt me is botting and every once in a while it breaks roblox we need to stand up and fight for pour [sic] Roblox 24/7 uptime,” the petition read.

The petition was officially started over six months before the update, but it’s received 65,769 signatures out of the 75,000 goal, showing that this update was clearly just the latest issue Roblox fans have had with Adopt Me!.

However, neither Roblox nor the creators of Adopt Me! have given any indication of the game going anywhere. Chances are the game isn’t shutting down anytime soon, especially considering its popularity, which is good news for the fans of the game. Maybe the answer lies in Roblox increasing its server ability instead.

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