How to Make Canna Coconut Oil

Infusing Coconut Oil with Cannabis Flower

Ground bud/flower is likely the easiest, most immediate substance for making cannabis infusions with. Again, make sure your flower has been fully decarbed before proceeding; it should feel “crisp” to the touch and crumble easily.

Though you can just add your ground-up bud into the oil directly, we recommend either using or making a small cheesecloth sachet to keep your cannabis in; herb or spice bags can be found online and at culinary supply stores, or can be made at home by tying together a parcel of cheesecloth with butcher’s string. Try to ensure your sachet is tightly sealed, otherwise leakage could force you to strain regardless, making the effort of using the sachet moot.

Again, six to eight hours is our recommended steeping time, with the occasional stir. After steeping, either strain or remove your sachet. At this point you can squeeze your steeped material through your cheese cloth/filter if you’d like; this will ensure you get as much use as possible out of your oil but may add in unwanted particulates & chemicals into your infusion, such as chlorophyll or flavonoids, giving your end product additional color and flavor you may not want, so just be aware before you squeeze.

Infusing Coconut Oil with Kief

You have two options available when making kief coconut oil: The Lazy Way, or The Proper Way.

The Lazy Way works if you’re, well, lazy and don’t care about leaving in the kief. For that, simply dump your kief into the oil, stir occasionally as it steeps for a couple of hours, and remove from the heat. Tada, you’re done. The kief is small enough it won’t be very noticeable if used in applications such as baking, so leaving it in is perfectly fine.

If you want to do it The Proper Way the methodology is about the same as for steeping cannabis flower: Either place the kief in a sachet or otherwise strain out using cheese cloth or coffee filters. If you plan on using your cannabis coconut oil for candy making, sauces, or things like salad dressings this extra step is probably worth the time.

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