How To Store Weed Seeds For Years

How to store weed seeds is a question I am often asked. Most new growers do not realize that you need to store your seeds properly or when it comes time to germinate the seeds results can be diminished. Seeds should always be keep out of direct light, in low humidity, and in cooler temperatures. If you plan on popping your seeds in 6-12 months your seeds are fine in a air tight container in the dark but if your storing seeds to be used in 1-2 or more years down the road the methods below would be best used for you. I myself store all my seeds in the same location in the bottom drawer of the fridge in a air tight container with some rice in the bottom and I have it taped up with electrical tape so no light can penetrate though.

Why Store Cannabis Seeds
Why Store Cannabis SeedsWhy Store Cannabis Seeds

With out getting into the scientific aspect of things cannabis seeds are stored so they can be germinated 2 to 10 years down the road. If seeds are not stored properly they can be ruined in less then 1 year. cannabis seeds store nutrients it uses to help the seed germinate into the seedling stage. When the seeds are stored incorrect at humidity levels to high you risk the seed starting to grow mold or germinating early. When seeds are stored in direct light you risk the seeds stored nutrients drying up into the shell hardening the shell making it harder to germinate with out sanding the outer layer. When seeds are stored out in the open and not in a air tight container you risk insects getting at your seeds.

How Long Can You Store Cannabis Seeds
How Long Can You Store Cannabis SeedsHow Long Can You Store Cannabis Seeds

This has always been a debate among growers world wide. Most growers say 3-5 years but if the seeds are stored in a refrigerator in a airtight container in the dark the seeds should last up to 10 years or more.

Best Conditions For Storing Cannabis Seeds
Best Conditions For Storing Cannabis SeedsBest Conditions For Storing Cannabis Seeds

The best conditions is in an airtight container that no light can penetrate with some rice or silica packs placed into the back of the refrigerator. Try to keep humidity around 20% – 30% and temperature around 4°C – 8°C or 39.2°F – 46.4°F

How To Store Weed Seeds Properly

Short term 0 Months – 12 Months

Seeds if fresh should be good at room temperature in the packs they come in for anywhere from 0 – 12 months but who knows how old the seeds are your getting. Even short term seeds are best kept in a refrigerator in the dark.

Long term 1 year – 10 years

For long term storage the two best methods are storing your seeds in rice or silica gel packs in an airtight container, mason Jar, or zip lock freezer bag. I use electrical tape to tape up my containers or jars so the light dos not penetrate through. Both rice and the silica packs will last for ever. If they pick up any moisture they both can be put into the oven. Silica packs at 120 degrees F for around 20 minutes and rice at 200F for 20 minutes will dry them out for reuse. If using rice make sure to place into the over first for 20 minutes at 200F to make sure the rice is dry and not holding any moisture. Mason jars or containers should be checked every 6 months for humidity.

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