Podcast Episode #117: All About CBN + CBG Isolate w/ Zach Zerr from Bloom Hemp

Podcast Episode #117: All About CBN + CBG Isolate with Zach Zerr from Bloom Hemp

Fri, 10/9 3:16PM • 47:36


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Our goal is we want to empower our community to live happier, healthier lives, do all things have. And so our community is really everybody that’s like minded and interested in bettering themselves. It’s anyone around the world that’s willing to use hemp and go a different direction than the traditional whether that’s over the counter medicine or otherwise. All right, and we are back in class. This is the deme, the CBD professor from CBD school.com your school to learn all about cannabis. Everyone on this episode of the CBD school podcast, we’ve got Zach on again for a second time, and he is the creative director from bloom HAMP. I think you’re going to enjoy this episode. Before we get into it. I want to remind you that bloom hemp is the sponsor for this episode. And their mission is to enrich the lives of their community through all things have, you can check them out over at bloom hemp calm, it’s bloom dash hemp calm, that’s bl o m dash hemp.com. I’ll leave that in the show notes. And you can grab 20% off any of their products using the coupon code CBD school 20 over at bloom dash hemp calm. They’ve got some great unique isolate products that I’ve never seen anywhere else they have CBG isolate and CBN isolate CBN is really good for sleep and definitely check out their products. They’ve got more than just isolates but that is really unique. I’ve never seen anybody have CBG and CBN Islip they also have CBD isolate, as well as full spectrum CBD products and even hemp butter, which is a replacement for peanut butter. And it is a great tasting way to get a lot of protein. So make sure to check them out over at bloom dash hemp.com and use the coupon code CBD school 24 20% off. Enjoy the show. On today’s episode of the podcast, I have Zach on who is actually coming on for his second time. And he is the creative director at bloom hemp. So we are going to get all into their brand and what’s been going on with them. So Zack, welcome to the show.

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Hi, thanks for having me.

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Yeah, so Zack, where are you calling in from today?

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I am calling in from Denver, Colorado.

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Oh, nice. Okay, so Colorado is a nice place. I’ve I’ve actually lived in Denver before I am currently in Mexico, where it’s I’m sure a bit warmer than Denver. But did you have a big snow year this year? We have had a big snow more than you day snow year more than usual this year for sure. So Mexico sounds amazing. Where are you at in Mexico. I live outside of Cancun. So just a it’s called Playa Del Carmen. It’s just like an hour from Cancun. Oh, wonderful. Wonderful. Sounds like the place to be right now. It is nice. It is nice. We are on quarantine just like the rest of the world. But there’s a lot less cases here. But they’re still taking it pretty seriously. Nice. Nice. Yeah, same here. It’s kind of we’re I think it’d be nicer to be in quarantine in Mexico, where it’s nice and warm. And you guys have fewer cases. But hopefully the curve is starting to flatten out here. People have been staying home and we’ve got our fingers crossed. Yeah. How’s it been in Colorado, we had a lot of cases for a while compared to other states. But over the last week, week and a half I think that other places like New York and whatnot have really had it a lot more serious than we have. Things got shut down here pretty early on and I think that helped them get ahead now. I am no expert though. So I don’t want to sit here and say that things are too good but they don’t seem too bad. And you go out people calm down. There’s not so much panic buying or anything like that, which is nice. Oh yeah, that’s good. That’s good. Yeah, that was kind of crazy for a while there. Yeah. The I think everyone’s kind of adjusting to this new normal and yeah, hoping that if we all listen for a little bit longer things can go back to normal sooner rather than later. Yes, let’s certainly hope so. So first people new to the show because there’s a bunch of new listeners that haven’t heard the original episode which I will post as well. We did an episode about a year ago exactly actually, where Zach was on but for people that didn’t hear that. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into this space and what your background is. So the way I got into the hemp spaces I’ve always had an interest in cannabis and hemp in general and preceded the benefits of it. And while I was studying, my focus was on photography and things along that nature. So as the industry was kind of picking up steam, a buddy of mine offered me to jump in with them. And he said, hey, look, we need people that are willing or interested, number one, and number two willing to put themselves out here and create content and that kind of thing around CBD and hemp. And to me, that sounded like the dream job. So I jumped in. And over the last two, three years, we’ve been working on building bloom and creating this brand that’s more than just a CBD company, we hope to provide all things hemp. And since the last time we’ve talked, we’ve taken a really big step in getting there, I think that we’re doing a really good job at not meeting our goal, but striving towards it and trying to get HAMP into the hands of more people, whether it’s CBD or otherwise. I like what you said, when we were chatting before I started recording, what’s the mission of the company, I really like it. Our goal is we want to empower our community to live happier, healthier lives through all things happen. And so our community is really everybody that’s like minded and interested in bettering themselves. It’s anyone around the world that’s willing to use hemp and go a different direction than the traditional, whether that’s over the counter medicine or otherwise. And our goal is to be a resource for everyone. Sorry, I’m stumbling through this here. But there’s a lot more than just CBD in our minds when it comes to the benefits of hemp. And we’re talking, whether it’s the things you eat, or other cannabinoids as well, that all come from this awesome plant. And we’re getting that into the hands of the people. And I think we’re starting to see the benefits of that we’re not we’re not the only ones doing it, but it’s something that we’ve been very driven about doing. And we’re very excited about everything that we’ve released over the last couple of weeks. That is nice. I like that. So what is the one product? Well, we’ll discuss a few of the products but the one we were also talking about before the call was the like a hemp peanut butter without the peanuts. Can you tell us about that? Because I think a lot of people will be interested in that or will be want to tell their friends about it if they have some kind of allergy. Oh, for sure. So one of the coolest things about hemp is I’m sure you know there’s over 25,000 uses according to Forbes, that’s everything from CBD to hemp concrete to build houses. And so if you’re listening to this podcast, obviously you know or at least have a little bit of interest in CBD so you understand one of the benefits. But something that often gets overlooked is the fact that you can eat hemp, specifically hemp seeds. So what we’ve done is we’ve taken sprouted hemp seeds, which have a ton of benefits in themselves. And we’re not talking stuff where it’s you have to be worried about making claims because they’re still studies now this is well researched stuff that’s already out there. There’s actually been hemp foods on the shelves for a long time, but they’re just now starting to get a little bit of attention since CBD has gotten so big. So what we’ve done is we’ve taken the sprouted hemp seeds and we’ve turned them into hemp butter, which is ultimately similar to other nut butters that you may have heard of their Justin’s which is quite famous, they do a bunch of almond butter, we’ve essentially taken that same idea, but with hemp seeds. So we’re able to formulate a peanut butter basically without peanuts, it tastes like peanut butter. But with all the benefits of hemp seeds, it looks like peanut butter, everything about peanut butter, but with hemp, so there’s no risk of allergy. If you have peanut allergies, this is completely safe for you because there’s nothing about it. It’s made with peanuts, which is a really big deal for a lot of people. And it really tastes like peanut butter. It tastes like peanut butter. There’s a slight happiness to it, because it is still made using ham, but it tastes like peanut butter, which is awesome. And unlike traditional peanut butter, because it’s made from him. Ours is actually packed with protein, which is really cool, as well as some other beneficial fatty acids, magnesium. There’s a bunch of benefits to it. But the big one is being a great source of protein as well. Yeah. And I love that you have this I’m looking at the site right now you have this raspberry flavor. That sounds really good. The Raspberry is absolutely delicious. And we thought that was key because peanut butter is great. But not everybody likes peanut butter. And sometimes you want to be able to change it up. So we’re like why not roll out something that gives you a bit of a different flavor option. It’s great in the morning to throw on your toast if you’re going hiking during a peanut butter and jelly sandwich but instead hemp butter. So we’re really trying to bring full circle the idea of providing all things ham to people, and I think this is probably the biggest step we could have taken with that. Yeah, I’m seeing the protein. I think it is higher per serving 10 grams per serving, I guess than regular peanut butter. Yes. And so and that’s being conservative because we don’t want to make any claims but the cool thing about it is it’s not just Just regular protein. hemp seeds are a great source of complete protein. That means they have all nine essential amino acids in them, which is really hard to find. Most meats don’t have that other plant based sources of protein don’t have that. So that’s something that’s very unique to hemp seeds and makes the peanut butter into proteins and then that much better for you. Yes, that is interesting. So when they make that are the seeds roasted first, and then blend it up. So I have not worked super closely with our formulator on this one, I went in a few times, and they kept kicking me out because I kept snacking. So I don’t have all the details on this is something where I think that it’d be really good for Tom and I to both hop on with you at some point and chat more about this because we’re gonna be going beyond what you’re seeing on the website is the first step. Over the next few months we’ll be rolling out more hemp foods and different CBD blends and cannabinoid blends using some active ingredients where we’re also working with this formulator to get ideas about how we can use different aspects of the plant to our benefit and everybody else’s benefit. Very cool. So you guys are a Colorado company and are you using all Colorado grown hemp? Not only are we using Colorado grown hemp, but we’re using hemp that we’ve grown ourselves. So that’s the other thing that we’ve been working really hard on over the last couple of years is getting our own farm up and running. So we have our own farm out here in Colorado. But not only that, we have one of the few hemp farms united states that is actually USDA certified organic search our entire process from soil to sale is completely organic processing as well. All certified by the USDA. So this isn’t just a claim of, hey, we’re organic, and we’re using organic methods. No, we actually went out and got certified, had people come out and make sure that our process from the very beginning the way we treat our soil to the way we’re processing our hemp is all done organically. That is really cool. So is the farm in Denver in the Denver area like outside the city? The farm is a little bit north of Denver closer to Longmont. I know. I don’t know if he’s mostly worried. I was gonna say most for most people. It’s about 40 minutes north of Denver. Yeah, yeah. Towards Boulder. Yes, exactly. So yeah, down. What is that really? The 25? Yes, I write up I 25. The big one that runs right up and down the middle of the country. Yeah. So are you from originally from Colorado? Yes, I am. But I haven’t lived here my entire life. I actually grew up overseas living in China and Vietnam and moved back here after I graduated. Wow, that is interesting. So you went to school out in Asia? Yes. So I finished up out in China and then move to Denver about a year after I finished. So do you speak Mandarin? Or I’m not sure what their language is actually. Yeah. So Mandarin is a main one where I grew up in Guangzhou, Cantonese is the local dialect. But that is much more difficult to pick up. So Mandarin is the one I learned. But admittedly, it gets worse every day that I live here. There’s not many people to practice with, then it is very tough to hang on to. So having grown up there, what do you think of this situation with the virus and its relationship to the to the country? I mean, do you have some insights you can share with people on that? I don’t want to be too controversial. But I will say that having grown up there when I heard about all this starting, I was very nervous that the information that we’re getting probably wasn’t 100% accurate. And a report sense of kind of back that up that they potentially held some things back. And we still probably don’t know the full extent of how everything got going. So but I also lived out there for the first SARS epidemic. So I know that they they took it seriously. I just the way information is disseminated is very different in China than it is in most countries, including especially in the West. Yeah. Wow. So did you like living there? I loved it. So it was definitely as a younger kid, or it’s definitely something that we just lived there. So you don’t really have your head wrapped around. But by the time I left, I had a great appreciation for that I actually really missed the food more than anything else. Because unless you go to certain parts of New York, and I’ve heard that you can do the same thing in Los Angeles, but I’ve yet to experience it in person is just about impossible to find real Chinese food. There’s none in Denver, nothing that I would say actually tastes like real Chinese food. There’s a there’s an Americanized version. And there’s some decent versions of that, but it’s really hard to get some of the ingredients I think that really give the flavor that authentic touch. Yeah, yeah. No, I know what you mean. I grew up outside of Philadelphia. So we have some places there that are authentic. I know the East Coast has some really nice pockets of immigrant communities where people have moved in and set up so you get really really good food the way we’re supposed to be made. Yeah, yep. So back to bloom, hemp will try to focus away from the virus. For a little bit because that’s what everyone’s talking about anyway. So with the organic are all the products USDA Organic are just some of them. So not all of our products are USDA Organic yet but we are working our way towards that the process on this takes a while. So being able to get a true USDA certification is something relatively new to the hemp space. It’s been there but they’re not easy to get. So what we’ve been able to do is get our process and the farm completely certified on that front but we have a few products like our gel caps or capsules where the gelatin is not organic. And there are a few solutions out there for that but that is not something we’ve been able to acquire yet. Like I said this, we’re working on these and then same with topicals or topicals. There’s a few things that we have to adjust to to get the full certification there but everything behind the hemp and those is organic, and we are working to get that certified USDA Organic as well the lotions in the ball. But we have two tinctures that are full spectrum at the moment. And nosorh certified USDA Organic and our THC free tincture is soon to be USDA certified organic. We’re actually working on all that when everything got kind of crazy. Cool. Yeah, I know it is a new process. And it’s developing I guess and what not what the rules and standards are. So I remember when we talked before you guys were focused a lot more on on isolate. And I know you’ve got some unique Iceland product, some I’ve ever even come across like you have a CVN Iceland. Yes. So that is one of the things that we’re still not only proud to offer, but I think we’ve done a really good job building on like we discussed in our previous podcast that not all brands are willing to offer CBD isolate. That’s because it is the base formulation for a lot of CBD products. And it’s something that honestly, if you buy CBD isolate, you can easily go home and formulate your own tincture. It’s actually something we encourage people to do. It’s not the same as taking a full spectrum product, but it is if you’re looking for just CBD or the benefits of it is a great way to go. And it’s something where if you reach out to us, shoot us a DM or email us or even give us a call. We’re happy to help walk you through the stages and be like here’s how you do everything from start to finish. And you could be making your own homemade tinctures. So we’ve expanded on that to add in CBN, isolette and CBG, which we think a lot of people are already excited about. And for those that don’t know about those cannabinoids, I think they will be here. So let’s talk about CBN. And then we’ll get into the CBG. So CBN isolate. I mean, that is the first time I’ve ever seen that. And I think you would agree with me that a lot of even marijuana products don’t have a lot of CBN it’s like kind of trace amounts. So for people at home CBN you can correct me Zach if I’m saying right, it’s cannot been all that he say cannabinol Yes, examine oil. And this cannabinoid is actually the byproduct of when I’m not sure if other cannabinoids but THC when it starts to degrade over time. Like if you just leave cannabis sitting out over time it starts to degrade and it turns into CBN. And from my research, it’s been studied to be a sleep aid because it I guess it does like a sleepy effect to it. Yes. So that’s where it is definitely one of the harder ones to find because of exactly the process you described, since it is the byproduct of THC that is either been wiped out over time and kind of degraded, or the carbs or exposed to heat, but all those things will break down for the longest time it was considered a kind of waste product of the plant people didn’t pay it much attention. However, as we’ve started to dive into these cannabinoids, more really with the CBD, boom, people started to pay more attention to CBN and realize that this is actually really powerful, and not just Islip a part of the plant. And so it’s kind of funny that it is that last stage process of THC breaking down. And you’re exactly right. It does have very sedative properties and the studies that are out there show that sleep aid, pain aid, all of these things were kind of those that heavier, more medical side of that CBN really has an effect on which is pretty cool. Yeah, it’s cool. So one thing people ask me about a lot with these isolates is Does it hurt them if you heat them like if you put it in a recipe like if you put it in a bake good and then you heat it? Or they ask then do you need to heat it for it to activate it? Could you help us with those questions? So since the ISIS don’t have the acid molecule attached, which is when you see them listed as CBD a alright yen, that kind of thing. They don’t need to be heated to be activated. That being said they do have a boiling point and I would need to double check on CBN to make sure but I do Know that the CBD one, you definitely don’t want to overheat CBD, I haven’t done any fake. So I’ve done experiments cooking with CBD out quite a bit, I have not done any of that with CBN or CBG I’ve only experimented with them as tinctures and taking them straight on their own. That being said, if you keep everything within their boiling points, you’ll be fine to cofece thing. So theoretically, you can make CBN edibles, that’s something we definitely need to do some more exploring. And because I think that that would be both very enjoyable for people and a great way to dose your CBN, especially as a sleep aid in the evening. But for CBD there, you definitely want to be careful not to burn it off. So generally, what we recommend to people is trying to either add it in later in the process, or once you add it to the ingredients that you do keep the temperature below a certain point off the top my head, I’m drawing a blank right now as to what that is. So my favorite way is generally to try to avoid direct tea with it. So if I’m adding it to a recipe, I’m adding it later on in the process, or into something where it will be used as a sauce or something where I add the very last. Yeah, yeah, so that’s, that’s a good way to do it. And they’re all tasteless, right? So it’s not really going to get ruined the taste of anything, even if you just sprinkle it on right now it’s the end, that’s the best part. Exactly, they are tasteless. So you can sprinkle it on and get them that way. For if you wanted to meal prep potentially, you could infuse it in with a sauce you keep separately and you add to your meals as you reheat them afterwards. And then you are getting all your CBN or CBD dose just added separately afterwards. So do they mix well with foods or with each other directly, no, like into foods like into a sauce or into a drink like doesn’t like go to the bottom or is that like Mix well. So the iceless we have are not water soluble. So you can’t just put them directly into a drink or something like that, you could theoretically put them into a sauce and mix it in. But the best way to do that is to generally pre mix the isolate with a carrier oil. So what we recommend doing is using the double boiling method, which is taking two pots, a larger pot a smaller pot and putting the smaller pot inside the larger pot where you fill the larger pot with water to sit probably about an inch or two maybe a little bit more below the bottom of the small pot. And you’ll add in a carrier oil of your choice which will be anything from MCT oil, which is the most common one. So it’s using tinctures because it is so tasteless and infuses easily. But you could also use hemp seed oil, avocado oil, olive oil, if you’re making something Italian or like pesto, you might want to use olive oil, you can infuse Isla directly into that with this double blind method. You’ll stir it once the water is boiling, you’ll stir the isolette into your carrier oil. And then you’ll add that to your recipe. So that way it can easily be mixed in without losing the potency of the CBD or CBN or whatever you’re mixing in. Yeah, that’s that is cool. Yeah. And I think it’s much easier instead of worrying about the overheating is just and since it doesn’t need to be heated. I like what you’re saying, which just I’m sure someone can find out if they want the boiling point. But it’s easier just to not even worry about it and add it in afterwards. Exactly. And that’s what we found. We’ve just talking to people and doing our research, we found that I mean, ultimately you can make anything you want, you have to pay attention to how it’s being made. But a lot of people that were taking the risk with the heat would say that they had in consistencies, you would lose a batch every now and then. Or if there’s a small mistake in temperature, or something left in long, you’re losing your potency. Whereas we found that all the people that try to avoid he, as much as they could in the first place tend to have the best success. So we’ve gone down that route and trying to find ways where we can expose Dyson to heat as little as possible. That way we know that we’re getting the maximum effects when we add it to food. Yes. And what is the purpose of the double boiler? Like why can’t you just put it into oil? Why do you have to heat the oil to mix it? I honestly don’t know. I that’s something I probably should I spent more time trying to perfect the mix than I did looking into why exactly it has to mix but I get from afar the explanation is the same way. When you go to take CBD, you lose some of the bio availability, you’re taking a teacher with CBD oil in it. That carrier oil helps it become more bioavailable to your body so that you can absorb the CBD and use more of it. So when adding it to food, you could theoretically just pour in Iceland to like say a salsa or something and mix it around in there. But a lot of that the CBD itself will sink or congregate to the bottom and really just kind of not be something that’s evenly mixed into your recipe. Where’s it If you mix it into a carrier oil and add that to the ingredients and mix that in, you’re going to get a much more even mix and know the CBD is actually being delivered in a way that your body will use it and not just sitting at the bottom of the thing that gets washed out when you’re done eating. Hey everyone, I hope you are enjoying listening to this episode so far. Just wanted to take a moment to remind you that you can get 20% off over at bloom dash hemp.com just use the coupon code CBD school 24 20% off your full order. They’ve got lots of unique products including hemp butter, which is a replacement for peanut butter, and CBG CBN and CBD isolate which you could use for pretty much anything you want, including making your own CBD products. So make sure to check them out over at bloom dash hemp calm and use the coupon code CBD school 20 for 20% off. Thanks for listening and enjoy the rest of the show. Let’s move on to CBG then so that’s kind of bijur All right, yes, and I’m right there with you. That one’s tougher to say. But the cool thing about CBG is it’s really the mother of all cannabinoids, including CBD, all the other cannabinoids start off as CBG. And as the various processes happen, there’s different triggers that send in different directions, it becomes a different cannabinoid. So there’s a transition that moves it where I believe that loses a hydrogen atom, I could have that wrong maybe or something along those lines, and it becomes thca. And then when you decarb that with he or just time it develops into CBN, but it can also go the other way and become CBD. It’s just a very versatile and very powerful minor cannabinoid. Yes and what CBG good for CBG is good for a number of things. So the ones that are highlighting studies right now and I think we’re gonna see a lot more information pour out about this over the next few months are the potential anti cancer effects, the anti inflammation effects, and lot of the overall antibacterial effects. So this is a more each cannabinoid really has different benefits of its own. But CBG covers a wider amount of things the same way develops in other cannabinoids. It takes care of a lot of these bigger processes of your body, including immune health, which is ginormous right now. But I think the ones that are being focused on the most are the potential with anti cancer and some of the antibacterial effects. Yeah, I think you’re right in that that one’s gonna get a lot of attention. And interesting Oh, people don’t know that all the cannabinoids actually start with with that one in its acid form. Yes, exactly. So you do have to remove that acid molecule for it to start to develop into the other ones. But that is the beginning point for all cannabinoids. And it is this one is another one are kind of like CBN people ignored it because CBN being the end product and CBG being the beginning, the focuses on all the stuff in the middle of THC, CBD, that type of thing. But once people started paying attention and seeing that, oh, there’s a lot of benefits here. And isolating CBG is easier than isolating CBN. So it was just a matter of starting to put a little bit of focus on there. And people started over the last year honestly starting to grow strains that are developed more for CBG. That wasn’t something that was happening previously. But now that we’re aware of the potential medical benefits, people are purposely growing hemp that’s high and CBG something that that’s where we’re trying to isolate it before it starts to become other cannabis or and before we let it become other cannabinoids. Do you know if it all comes from like, do you take one hemp strain and take out? Like do you use the same plant to get the CBD CBN and CBG? Or is it different strains that are high in the different cannabinoids? It depends. So you can extract some of these minor cannabinoids from me any hamstring. So if you were to take one plant, you wanted CBD, and you wanted CBG, you could do that. This is something again, a little bit out of my expertise, because I’m not the one of the processing center. But it is generally better because the amount you’ll get isn’t going to be very high. So if you had a plant that was grown for CBD, and you wanted to pull out CBN, you’re going to pull out small amounts of CBN. But if the focus is on growing, developing genetics that are high and CBG, or that will become high CBM plants utilizing plants that are growing specifically with genetics that are specifically designed to help behind these cannabinoid profiles, it’s better than just trying to get them all from one plant. Right, right. Okay, so what about your full spectrum tinctures are they high in these minor cannabinoids, so they’re not high, but they do have them in them. So each of our products comes with full lab report so they do vary. That’s the beauty of organic hemp. The not every batch will be the same. But for the most part, they are pretty standard. So you’ll have trace amounts of CBN and trace amounts of CBG. And again, these profiles shifted depending on the batch. But there is some of that in there which adds to that the entourage effect there which all these cannabinoids are kind of working together. So it’s not as prominent as say the isolette I mean, obviously, same with CBD, but they are in there, which is pretty cool. Yeah. And what kinds of tinctures Do you offer? There’s Do you have Iceland and full spectrum right now? Yes. So we have the Isla MCT oil mix which is the THC free and that has hemp extract in that as well just broad spectrum instead of full spectrum. And now we have our full spectrum extracts which are the natural and our citrus flavor. Okay, so the the flavored ones or the full spectrum ones, right? Yes. So the THC free wine is technically flavor list. There’s a little bit of taste from the hemp extract and the MCT oil but not very much. The full spectrum natural extract doesn’t have any added flavor but it is naturally very planty. It has that heavy taste to it. And then our citrus our full spectrum of citrus tinctures has the added citrus flavor to it. And what’s the base that you use for those oils? It’s he said MCT. So MCT on a THC free on the other two, it’s mainly just the full spectrum hemp extract. And then yes, but MCT is our base oil. Okay. Okay. So those are going to have like a hempy taste to them, I’m assuming, right? Yes, you will definitely get a bit more of that heavy profile to it. Now I do realize that that’s not for everybody. But we have heard a lot of good reviews so far. People saying it’s not overpowering, and it doesn’t taste. So I feel like some tinctures are quite bitter. And while this one still has that natural, heavy taste, it isn’t too bitter. Gotcha. Yeah. So what about someone new? Who’s brand new to bloom hemp and what what product would you recommend they start with if they’re visiting the website for the first time and they don’t know where to start? They don’t know where to start it basically it depends on whether or not they’ve used CBD before. If you’ve never use CPP before, I would point you in the direction of one of our THC free products, either the tincture or the lotion. I think that topicals are great for people that are new to CBD because you can see the effects right away. Especially if you are in pain or have an ache or something like that. Or if you’re an athlete, you can put it to the test and very clearly see the effects. If you’re not new to CBD, and you have a better understanding of the products, I would definitely look at our full spectrum. Natural tincture. I think that’s one of the places to start, you get the entourage effect. Having all the minor cannabinoids in there just means a whole plant extract. So you have everything instead of just the broad spectrum oil, which is great, especially for people that can’t have whole plant extracts with the trace amounts of THC. But this full spectrum tinctures definitely the way to go. I can’t recommend it enough. That’s the one I actually enjoy putting that in coffee in the morning. It adds a little bit of a heavy flavor. But it definitely it’s a great way to start the day. Cool. Yeah, I think that that’s a good way to put it for people. And does the CBD amounts in the full and the isolate? Are they the same per dose per serving? Yes. So we have two different servings for each 120 milligram and a 40 milligrams so you can choose your strength, but they’re the exact same whether it’s THC free, or the full spectrum. Okay, so the serving is the same and how much is it per serving or per dropper? I guess? So 20 milligrams for smaller dose and 40 milligrams and the higher dose. Okay. Yeah, that seems pretty typical. One thing a lot of people get confused about by always explaining this is they’ll see like on the bottle 1500 milligrams, but they don’t know that that’s the total amount in the bottle not per serving. So I’m always adding that to people. Yeah. So we just change that up in our packaging to help it be a little bit more obvious. So we used to have that full the full amount for the tincture, and now we’re showing that it’s either that 20 milligram dose of that 40 milligram dose. Yeah, yeah, that’s good. So what’s next for you? What kind of plans are you are you sold in stores or just online for now, we are working on getting ourselves into stores, especially on hemp foods front. Right now, we’ve only been able to partner with small businesses. We’re working on some larger chain grocery stores as well. But just getting our feet wet. We’ve been selling to other small businesses and places around the US. We are looking to expand those so if somebody is listening that’s looking to potentially expand a CBD products or selling. They’re more than welcome to get in contact with us. We have a variety of things that they appeal to a wide variety of people. And one of the things that we’re working on to continue to build on that and appeal to an even wider variety of people is our blue essentials line. And that is something that is still in the research development phase. But we are getting very close. We have our prototypes in testing right now. And these are tinctures that are blends of their CBD blends with other active ingredients, and a focus on terpenes. So they got some proprietary terpene blends that we’ve been developing, that we’re really excited about. I think that’s really the next step is bringing all of the everything together. So in the whole plant extract you are getting with full spectrum products, you get a little bit of those terpenes but not as much as when you’re adding them in on purpose. So with these, the next group of products will be routine will have terpenes added as well as some of these other active ingredients in cannabinoids. What kind of products will they be? I didn’t catch that so so we’ll be rolling out new tinctures and a couple of roll ons that are like essential oil roll. And basically, yes, so and these will have more of a focus on things like so are the tinctures that have been released. So far general kind of everyday use these that will be released will have kind of more of a focus on like anti inflammatory effects. So we’ll be using terpenes and other cannabinoids that help reduce inflammation and other active ingredients and other plants. We’re working with a doctor down in New Mexico to formulate these so that everything is backed. This isn’t just us doing research and working with somebody in a lab to get these together, we actually have a doctor whose input is vital that each stage and each ingredient, helping us put this together so that each blend is formulated to help with something specific whether it’s inflammation, or stress or digestion because that’s kind of the benefits of these cannabinoids. And if we can help kind of dial that in to do something specific. It’s something we’d love to get out to people. So these will be like targeted blends. Yes, exactly. That’s cool. Yeah, I like that. I’ve seen other brands going that direction. And I think that is a good way to go. Especially mixing it with other established, you know, products that are people are using like either essential oils are terpenes. And that’s one thing we haven’t talked about is how in your process are you when you’re doing the extraction able to preserve the terpenes. And the final product we are so those are not our broad spectrum oil. That’s something where a lot of that is filtered out you might get trace amounts occasionally but not really. And our full spectrum blends we are able to partially preserve those, again you’re not getting that’s part of the reason we’re working on these essential blends is to put a focus on the terpenes along with the cannabinoids, but in our full spectrum blends right now we are able to keep some of them it’s just not the same level of concentration that we’d like to though. Gotcha. Okay, well, what other plans do you have for the future? Are you doing any hemp like hemp seed oils, just the the oil itself that people use for like cooking or I usually put it on salad actually. So hemp seed oil is great on salad. I’ve done that as well quite a few times. But we are actually working on a few different food things. I don’t want to say too much here just because the food formulation takes quite a while longer than some of the other formulations, especially compared to like tinctures. So I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself here. But we do have a handful of edible hemp food products, obviously if their foods are edible, but edible hemp products that we’re working on rolling out that I think will be really beneficial. Yeah, that’s great. I love how you guys are doing the CBD and the food products and that’s in line with your mission and, and you’re doing everything from your own crop, right? The hemp seeds, not entirely from our own crop just because to get those in the quantity we’ve been having to source those elsewhere. But we are working on getting to that point where we can do everything, everything sourced ourselves and yet the hemp foods that is part of why it’s so important to us not just because it’s our mission, but because if you believe in these plants and you believe in CBD, you understand the benefits of hemp, and I think that CBD is absolutely amazing. But it doesn’t stop there. And we really shouldn’t stop there. It’s there’s so many potential benefits from hemp and these other cannabinoids, these other terpenes the hemp seeds themselves, there’s benefits at every level that like if we can combine these, and we can get them in the hands of people where you can use everything as a whole instead of just bits here and there. I think that’s extremely beneficial. I think that people will see be able to experience a benefit to themselves. I can say it a lot and it starts to sound like I’m just saying there’s a lot of benefits to hemp. But if you start doing a little bit of googling, it is amazing. Three hours later once you’ve won once you’ve learned in how you see 100 other tabs and you’re like where do I stop? Because there really is just an endless amount of information constantly coming out about this stuff. And in our eyes. We have to help people understand this and see this for themselves by putting things together. And making it available. Because that’s just it is a lot of it hasn’t been available. So now to be able to make things like CBN available, make hemp butters available, that type of thing. I think that’s extremely important. And I am excited to see how people respond to it. That’s great. That’s great. And what about pet products? So we haven’t talked about that. How are you guys doing something with pet products? pet products, we don’t have any plans immediately, but we’ve had quite a few people reach out. So it’s something that we’ve definitely discussed, but yes, nothing in the immediate on that one. Gotcha. Yeah, I mean, pet products. It’s like they’re basically the same thing anyway, does the human one so it’s like the biggest misconception CBD is at the I was listening to Joe Rogan the other day, and he was like, I accidentally took my dogs yet CBD. Yeah. And I wanted to tell them no big deal, because it’s the same thing. Exactly. It’s literally just usually a much lower dose than what we’re giving to humans. And then combined with usually kind of like Joe Rogan was mentioning a funky flavor. I think he said he had butterscotch or something. Which is not something you typically try to feed people. But yeah, it’s definitely something where we never say no to but it’s exactly what you’re saying. It is since it is essentially the same thing, if you really wanted to are THC free tinctures something that you could give to your dog or your cat and a low dose? Not using a full dropper, but a small amount if you wanted to see how it might affect them and go from there. Awesome. Awesome. Well, let’s say someone is coming to your site, and they want to try their first isolates, which would you recommend they would purchase all of them or start with the CBD? Because I’m thinking people should try the CBG or the CBN, especially if they’re having trouble sleeping, or they want to make some mixes, but I’ve never seen CPG definitely never seen CBN being sold. So that’s really cool. No 100%. And I would say on that one, it really depends what you’re looking for. So I think everyone has their own needs. And it depends most on that. So if you’re looking for something to help you sleep better, maybe that’s why you’ve been taking CBD and you want to try something else. I think CBN you really can’t go wrong. There’s a lot of really interesting research coming out about CBN and sleep as well as pain that makes it something that if you’ve been using CBD for either of those things, trying CBN is something I can’t recommend enough because I think it’s a much as you’ll find. It’s much more I don’t want to say powerful because the mischaracterizes is the first word coming to mind because CBD isn’t psychotropic you don’t feel it directly. CBN is something you will feel almost immediately when you take it, whether that’s for pain, or you’ll feel that little bit of tiredness. And that’s what are all the studies have agreed on. Even when they can’t say, hey, it’s definitive that these benefits are going to happen. They all say that you will definitely feel drowsy. So though a lot of scientists are afraid to conclusively, these we just need more research are afraid to say this definitely helps you sleep, they’ll tell you it definitely makes you drowsy. So I say if you’re looking at for sign that will make you more drowsy, you can’t go wrong and CBN given what’s going on now with Corona. And the times I think that CBG is going to only explode in popularity. We’re probably within the next month going to start seeing a lot of CBG hand soaps. and that type of thing starts to hit the market because people are developing products with them. And with all of the fears going on right now and the issues with Coronavirus. I think that we’re going to see a lot of people turning to CBG because of those antibacterial properties and the anti inflammatory properties. That’s awesome. Yeah, and I’m sure people can also just use all three if they want, right, make their own mixes, no 100%. So that’s where it gets really cool. Like I mentioned earlier, if you are interested in formulating your own t shirt, get in touch with us, we’re happy to you can look it up online yourself, but we’re happy to help walk you through it as well. And if you want to experience like what would it be to have a mix of three years one, you can definitely do that. And I would recommend doing I think it’s a great idea. Yeah, and I think one of the things people can benefit from it is that in a lot of these products, those minor cannabinoids are so low. So if they want to buy their favorite food, or even if they buy their favorite CBD and they want to just enhance them by adding the other stuff, they can do that. Exactly, exactly, which is I think that we’re going to start to see that become pretty common over the next few months honestly, because we will be working to develop and other people are working to develop tinctures with CBN and stuff but since it is a hard to isolate compound, it isn’t the most affordable when you start to formulate it with other ingredients. So people buying it and isolate it and making their own tinctures, their own topicals that kind of a thing out of it his son, it’s gonna be very interesting to see I think it’s gonna become very popular. That’s great. All right. Well, Zach, thank you for being on the show today and telling us more about your Blum ham, and all the products you’ve got, again, I love your mission. And if there’s anything else you want people to know, please, the microphones, all yours. I appreciate that. First of all, thank you for having me back and having us on. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate it. And I say secondly, to anybody that’s interested in trying any of these isolates or any of the things that we’ve talked about today, we are offering a 20% discount to listeners to this podcast, we have a coupon CVD school 20. I’m sure Vadim will share that with you guys as well. But I just want to make sure that I shouted it out. So if you’re interested in trying any of this, you can try it for 20% off and get in touch with us reach out on social media, or visit our website, and you can chat with us directly or give us a call because we’d love to talk to you and help you understand what hemp we can get in your hands. It’ll help you the most you know what part of this plant is something that you would be interested in something that you could benefit from? What’s the best way to reach out to you through to the company for any kind of support, there is an email or support emails really reliable, but you can go directly to our website, and we’ll reply to you, we have a chat function there. So you can just type to us directly, or social media. I’m always on the other end. If you reach out to us on social media, you’re most likely talking to me, Tom is on there sometimes as well. But it’s 95% of the time you’ll be talking to me. So if you want to talk to me or just get in touch with bloom, you can reach out to us at bloom HAMP or at bloom underscore HAMP on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, any of those and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. All right, great, Zach. Thanks again for being here and stay on for a little bit so we can chat after I stopped recording. Sounds good. Thanks, buddy. All right, everybody. That concludes our show for today. I hope you enjoyed listening in with Zach from bloom hub and learning about their company and all the fun stuff that they have going on. Make sure to visit bloom dash hemp.com and use the coupon code CBD school 20 off any of their fantastic CBD products, including unique items like CBG and CBN. Islip again, that website is bloom dash hemp.com. I’ll include it in the show notes and the coupon code is CBD school 20 which gets you 20% off. Hope you have a great day and I’ll catch you next time.

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