Watch: Highlights of new Iowa State commit Cole Becker

Cole Becker, a kicker in the class of 2021, announced his commitment to Iowa State on Friday. He received an Iowa State offer on July 29. Becker is considered the top placekicker in the class of 2021, according to Kohl’s Kicking Camps. Becker has also accepted an invitation to play in the 2021 Under Armor All-American game.

His profile on the Kohl’s Kicking Camps includes an evaluation, of sorts.

“Becker recently attended Kohl’s National Scholarship Camp in July of 2020. He again proved why he is a D1 recruit. He has one of the fastest legs we have seen in the 2021 class. His kickoff score of was the best out of the 779 participants at camp. He also scored 35 out of 36 field goal points. Becker’s overall coordination is impressive on both field goals and punts. He is very good specialist and is able to do things on the football field that other good players cannot. Becker should be able to play early in college.”

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Here are some of Becker’s highlights, courtesy of Kohl’s Kicking Camps.

[embedded content]

Becker also had some big kicks in his commitment video.

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Becker the No. 1 ranking at a national showcase over the summer. The ranking is based on charted field goals and kickoffs that take height and distance into account. On the field goal part of the competition, Becker made 29 of his 30 field goal attempts. He also noted his career-long is 68 yards.

In an interview with CycloneAlert earlier this summer Becker said the No. 1 ranking was a “big deal” for him.

“It’s sort of been a dream of mine to be in like the top elite group of guys for kickers, but I don’t know if I ever dreamed of being number one in the country. So that was super awesome, it’s been super awesome experience for me.”

Becker also went in-depth on the recruitment process as a kicker.

“It was really, really big,” Becker said. “I was super thankful because as a kicker, you know, it’s really difficult because it’s all about timing. If a school has a freshman or sophomore kicker that they’re comfortable with, they’re not going to be out looking and recruiting. It’s all about getting a school that’s in the right situation. So getting a big Power 5 school like [Iowa State] after months and months of work and connecting with coaches and stuff like that, it was really, really awesome.”

Iowa State now as 18 commits in the class of 2021. On offense, the Cyclones have two wide receiver commits (Jaylin Noel, Tristan Michaud), one running back commit (Deon Silas), one tight end commit (Tyler Moore) and two offensive line commits (Jim Bonifas, Dodge Sauser).

On defense, the Cyclones have four defensive line commits (Howard Brown, Tyler Onyedim, Joey Petersen and Jayden Gray), three linebacker commits (Carston Marshall, Myles Mendeszoon, Aidan Ralph), one cornerback commit (Winsome Frazier) and three safety commits (Robert Army, Beau Freyler, Ben Langston). Becker is Iowa State’s first commitment from a specialist this cycle.

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