Alicia Keys to Produce a Star Studded Netflix Film

Watching musical artists transition into other fields is always pleasant; there are times that these additional talents come as a genuine surprise. Alicia Keys is no stranger to film sets after her time filming movies like “The Secret Life Of Bees” and “Smokin’ Aces”, following her experience as a producer on the Netflix Original “Work It” She’s ready to branch out on her own. Alicia Keys is in line to produce a currently untitled Netflix Romantic-Comedy whose goal is to dive deep into the bonds of love and family.

Although the Netflix film doesn’t have a name yet, there is already a star studded cast organized. Singer and actress Christina Milian, Saturday Night Lives’ Jay Pharoah, and American Souls’ Sinqua Walls are said to be front and center in the film. Steve Tsuchida, the director, has direction credits on both of the most watched Netflix series, “Dear White People” and “On My Block”.

The storyline, written by Dana Schmalenberg and Rheeqrheeq Chainey, is said to be centered around an aspiring popstar who winds up being the entertainment at her ex-fiance’s wedding after fleeing from the public eye due to a career crisis. After realizing she’s still in love with her ex, the major conflict becomes whether or not she’ll follow her heart and act on these feelings or the advice of her brother and just let him go. The filming of the movie will be taking place in the East African Country, Mauritius.

Since there’s no title yet, a specific release date can’t be expected at this stage, but we’ll be keeping an eye out and so should you!

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