CNN cancels interview with Ice Cube, then rebooks him

Notoriously famed rap artist and actor Ice Cube was surprised to learn that his scheduled interview, slated for October 15th, with Chris Cuomo had been cancelled.

Why? It appears that it is due to his own efforts to work with both the Trump Administration and the Biden campaign on aspects of his proposed Contract with Black America (CWBA).

After loads of backlash on social media, Ice Cube has announced that he had since been rebooked on Cuomo’s show on CNN. He also requested in a tweet to be on Don Lemon’s show.

The CWBA represents a potential blueprint toward a bridge between public demographics that hold distrust toward authority and authority. Ice Cube has reached across political party isles to negotiate and help present possible solutions to the currently growing distrust of authority within various communities.

The initial purpose of the CWBA was to begin a dialogue between federal and community leaders to debate various items within the discontent, such as representation and police reform. Party politics was not an issue.

Additionally, the Trump campaign has been working with Ice Cube to develop a plan of their own – The Platinum Plan.

As volatile as this election may be, this is clear evidence of the media’s tendency to perpetuate narratives to maintain desired levels of social conditioning.

At face-value, any reported cooperation with such a plan by the Trump administration contradicts the heavily played narrative of a robustly racist administration.

As CNN Analyst Bakari Sellers states from his twitter account:

“Biden has a black agenda & a racial equity agenda. He has a black female VP who will help oversee COVID recovery for a virus which from a health & economic POV devastated black communities.

“He will appoint a black woman to the SCOTUS. & @icecube fell for something shiny.”

Bakari has stated that he felt that working with both parties was “disappointing and dangerous on so many levels.”

There is a clear political bias present within the organization.

We can acknowledge that spotlighting information during an election can maintain controlled perception. The issue here goes beyond the politics.

By itself, this occurrence may seem harmless, but it makes public an aspect of information distribution that is often kept behind a closed curtain.

This occurrence may be referred to as conditional censorship.

Consider the facts of the situation: The interview was scheduled to take place until it was discovered that Ice Cube also had a dialogue with the Trump administration. We can agree that CNN is not a fan of the current administration, so presenting an interview involving someone who has not made an endorsement may represent alternative point of view from a demographic CNN repeatedly states Trump undermines.

We can acknowledge that spotlighting information during an election can maintain controlled perception.

One may also consider that CNN believes that the Trump campaign is propping Ice Cube up as a quasi-endorser, or credibility through proximity. A subjective and circumstantial implication may be grounds to not give Ice Cube a platform to speak on his efforts.

However, it also denies clarity.

CNN may also believe that they would be doing the Trump campaign a favor by allowing Ice Cube to talk about his bipartisan efforts. If this were the case, it would clearly imply political bias.

This gives us an opportunity to assess the domestic situation in the United States. Extreme polarization has encouraged media outlets to ramp up their efforts to secure political narratives.

This is often at the expense of rationality. Yet, it is the responsibility of the citizen to navigate the whirlpool of information currently being circulated within the public domain.

By Kaleb Retzer

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Ice Cube suggests “striking back” on law enforcement as NYPD issues alert about death threats

May 29, 2020

Los Angeles, CA – Rapper and actor Ice Cube is pushing a new term: Blue on Black crime.

“How long will we go for Blue on Black Crime before we strike back???” Ice Cube, whose real name is O’Shea Jackson, wrote on Twitter earlier this week.

The question becomes, what does he mean by “strike back”?

Is it possible that Jackson is hoping to create type of sentiment that led 2016 sniper attack in Dallas, Texas that left 5 police officers dead, and more wounded?

Micah Xavier Johnson coordinated the attack in response to several incidents prior to his rampage in which black men were killed in officer involved shootings.

Killed were Senior Corporal Lorne Ahrens, Office Michael Krol, Sgt. Michael Smith, Officer Brent Thompson and Officer Patricio Zamarripa.

Could he be hoping for another Baton Rouge ambush where Gavin Long shot and killed three officers and wounded three more just 10 days after the attack in Dallas?

Dead in this attack were Deputy Brad Garafola, Officer Matthew Gerald and Corporal Montrell Jackson.

Law Enforcement Today has shared numerous stories in the past year of officer, deputies and agents that have been ambushed and killed in the line-of-duty, or identified as cops and were executed because of their chosen profession.

Is this what Ice Cube wants to see more of? Only he can tell you the answer to that question. We can only hope that isn’t the case.

[embedded content]

But if the worst is true, and he is hoping to see violence enacted against officers in this country, he would not be the first to call for it.

The timing couldn’t be more disturbing.

An officer safety alert has been issued with the New York Police Department following an online call for “cop killing.”

The NYPD distributed an internal memo to members saying that Khaalid Anderson, 26 years old of Brooklyn, issued a threat on social media.

The threat said:

“Cop killings are gonna become a thing and I’m here for it.

“Sucks to say but I feel like it’s gotta come to this in order for things to change. Please humble me if you got a different answer but I feel like somebody gotta die. I don’t see another way unless we pull up on some Black Panther shit. But even then, I feel like somebody still gotta get popped prematurely to let them know “accidents” happen and shit ain’t a game no mo. We gotta go to war bout respect.”

The threat of course was made in response to the officer-involved death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

While there is no probable cause for an arrest after the social media posting, police were told to “exercise caution and to remain vigilant.”

Fox News reported:

“An NYPD public information officers had no comment on the alert, which was obtained by Shawn Cohen, a journalist who worked the NYPD beat for the New York Post. Cohen tweeted a screenshot of the alert Friday morning.”

On Facebook, Anderson is boasting of his comments, saying:

“I made a tweet about cop killings on Twitter and the laws been on my ass every since lol
Mfs been pulling up to the crib looking for my ass for 2 days now, mistaking my roommates for me and looking goofy.

“It’s people with real issues out here and mfs pulling up on me about tweets lol smh. Ima say be careful with what y’all say and do because they wack ass gon try to find ya lol and if ya mouth too slick slick, who knows what may happen to ya. I ain’t answering no doors lol”

According to his Facebook page, another name that Anderson goes by is Norman Basquiat.

The threatening statements continued on Twitter:

Despite his comments calling for police killings, he appeared to backpedal once the alert was issued.

Anderson also indicated on Twitter Friday morning that he wants to “light some shit up.”

Anderson mentioned killing or cops getting “popped” more than once on his social media pages.

He said that the out of control violent riots which left the city of Minneapolis in burned shambles were “progress.”

Officers of NYPD, and everywhere really, please keep your head on a swivel today and every day.

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