Ocala man charged with battering woman after Facebook Live broadcast

Dylan Ponte

An Ocala man was arrested two days after he allegedly made a woman stop a Facebook Live broadcast, took her phone and threw her onto the ground when she tried to get it back.

Dylan Martin Ponte, 26, was charged Tuesday with two counts of simple battery and a single count of obstruction of justice by tampering with a victim or witness.

The victim told a Marion County sheriff’s deputy that she, Ponte and a male witness were drinking in the garage Sunday night when Ponte became angry. She said she was on Facebook Live when Ponte told her to get off the phone. The victim said Ponte got out of his chair and in her face as she placed the phone behind her back, according to the sheriff’s office report.

The victim said Ponte then snatched the cell phone from her hands. She said she left the location due to Ponte having a temper and being so upset, the report said.

The victim said she returned to the garage and asked Ponte to give her phone back and he refused. She said she picked up the witness’ phone to call law enforcement when Ponte grabbed her from behind and threw her to the ground, according to the report.

The victim said as she and Ponte struggled on the ground, he dropped her phone. She picked it up and ran to a neighbor’s house, where she called 911. The victim said her two children were in the house asleep during the incident, the report said.

The witness told the deputy he left the incident location as soon as Ponte threw the victim to the ground because he didn’t want to get involved in a confrontation with him. He said Ponte had been angry most of the day and arguing with the victim while making comments towards him, according to the report.

The deputy observed several red marks on the victim’s right arm and scratches that appeared to be bleeding, which were consistent with the victim’s statements, the report said.

Ponte was arrested Tuesday and taken to the Marion County Jail. He was released Wednesday on $3,000 bond and will appear in Marion County Court on Nov. 17.

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