1937 Farms Virtual Smoke Sesh

We know it’s been a pretty isolating year, and we’ll be honest. We miss you.

We’ve teamed up with 1937 Farms and Cannabis Professionals Network to bring you the chance to join in on a Virtual Smoke Sesh with 1937 Farms!

We will be releasing an order of limited-edition eighths from 1937 Farms on 2/22!

These special eighths will have a QR code under their caps that will tell you whether you’re a winner or not. Winners will be able to join in on a Virtual Smoke Sesh with the 1937 Farms team and light up with the owners/growers of the weed!

The Sesh is scheduled for March 19th over zoom.

If you’re a winner, the deadline to register for the event is March 12th. You’ll receive the zoom link only if you register.

Don’t want to miss a single detail? Make sure you’re following @cannabisprofessionalsnetwork and @1937farms on instagram!

And of course, good luck!

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