How Do You Get Press Coverage for Cannabis Companies?

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Brand awareness is key in marketing as many consumers rely on search and third party’s opinion before making a purchase. In today’s digital age, social media and online media are at the frontline of brand promotion.

With the growing interest in cannabis due to its varying therapeutic benefits, there is a higher opportunity for brands to capture new consumers.

If you are a new cannabis company or you have been around for a while and not getting press coverage as you desire, below are some of the things you can try:

Author factual educational contents

Gone are the days when people (reporters inclusive) go to the library to source knowledge. The internet now houses abundant information. Improve your brand recognition and perception by authoring contents that are fact-based. You operate in the industry, so you should have first-hand information about matters concerning the industry, why not use that to your advantage.

Make your team of experts comment on certain issues from a professional point of view. These issues might even be in the form of ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ or topics you know cannabis consumers would be interested in. Some of them for instance have trouble deciding on the best cannabis product for their ailment ― whether oil, tincture or capsule. If your brand provides answers to clarify such confusion, you endear yourself to potential customers. Also, by being a source of factual information when reporters or bloggers are gathering materials for a related topic, they are more likely to quote your brand and by so doing increase your brand’s reach.

Sponsor surveys and research

Set aside some funds for market research and survey, if your budget allows. Generating original data and report makes you stand out among the rest. Anybody interested in covering the report will have no other choice than to quote your brand or risk plagiarism penalty.

Aside from this, such survey will help you get first-hand feedback from existing and potential customers.

Act as a person, not a company

People trust their friends and family members than they trust another ‘corporate brand’. Relate with your audience as someone they can trust. This does not mean you should neglect your duties as a company, not at all, it means that you should pay more attention to your clients. Figure out their needs and position your brand in such a way that it resonates with them. Building trust and confidence is the hardest thing to accomplish, but once you have the trust of the populace, the sky is the limit.

Relate with your community

Identify a problem within your community and as a brand help in mitigating or finding a lasting solution to it if possible. The coronavirus pandemic for instance has increased the call for help from corporate organizations as many individuals have been negatively affected by the pandemic.

Companies stepping in to help victims of the pandemic are more likely to get more press coverage than others who are not.

Explore Social Media extensively

Social media is where most people are likely to spend considerable time every day. As we all know, cannabis companies face some hurdles other industries do not have to deal with. They are not allowed to market their products as a cure for any medical condition. Not only that, some social media platforms restrict them from including contact details in their posts and some take it even further by not allowing them to sponsor posts.

Some cannabis companies have however found ways around these hurdles and have gained a considerable number of followers. One of the ways to get people to trust your brand on these social media networks is to post contents that educate them about cannabis. Many people have only heard about cannabis, they have little to no knowledge about it. Make yourself an authority they can share with friends. When journalists are in search of answers to certain questions concerning cannabis in a story they might be working on, they are more likely to contact you. Aside from this, encourage all employees of your organization to optimize their profile to include the brand name.

Expand Your Reach

No doubt, you want your brand to be known both locally and internationally. Make sure you know your local market scene like the palms of your hand such that you engage your audience using all available means. By establishing yourself as a force to reckon with in your region, local or national reporters in search of comments on cannabis as it regards your locality may contact you for comment.

To gain even wider coverage, get yourself acquainted with happenings in the cannabis industry in your country and around the world. If possible, comment on developments that are similitude or analogous to your area of operation. These are some of the things reporters are looking out for and at the same time, you are establishing yourself as a national authority in the industry.

Build PR Relationship

Some people get published in the media not because they did something spectacular but because they have a relationship with a reporter. The reporter that will get your brand published could be your neighbor or high school mate. Let people know what you do and give insightful comments that would wow them. This could make a reporter who is previously not thinking of even covering cannabis pick an interest in it. And who does such reporter contact first for insights? Your brand of course!

In case you don’t know a reporter, you may have a friend or family member that can link you with one. Leverage such connection to your advantage. And if you or anybody in your company cannot pull this off, consider hiring a PR agency. They have established relationship with media organizations that can be leveraged to widen your brand’s reach and appeal.

Pitch to Media Houses

Another way CBD companies can get press coverage is by reaching out to media houses. Make use of Google to search websites with contents related to cannabis. Read through the article and find paragraphs you can improve with your industrial insights. Contact the media house and propose the inclusion of your comment in the article. To boost your chances, you may want to consider publications not dedicated to cannabis.

Brands may also guest post. Have your team come up with an interesting article preferably articles addressing a trending issue related to the cannabis industry. Pitch it to media houses and request they reference your brand in the article. Most outlets are likely to agree to this because you’re basically offering them a fantastic article that will generate additional traffic for free. It is a win-win strategy.


Interest in the cannabis industry is growing daily. Unlike before, more is required of cannabis companies that want to be successful. If you want to play the game, why not play it big. Establish your presence in the industry by trying out all or some of the tips highlighted.







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